Royal Cats

Royal Cats

Series of digital paintings by talented artist Eldar Zakirov features cats who look like the members of the royal family.

Wonderful and creative artworks were inspired by classic oil paintings.

Cat by Eldar Zakirov

Royal Cat by Eldar Zakirov

Cats by Eldar Zakirov

Royal Cats by Eldar Zakirov

Royal Cat

Eldar Zakirov

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  1. Carrie


  2. Dominic


  3. Gert


  4. Timothy R.

    They’re majestic as f***

  5. Mark

    All my cats are well represented here. LOL

  6. J

    I think I’ve got a hairball!

  7. Josh

    If you ask any cat, “We are ALL royal. Plebe.”

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