You Eat What You Touch

You Eat What You Touch

Clever advertising campaign for Lifebuoy soap reminds people to wash their hands before every meal.

Keep your hands clean and try not to touch your face. Use Lifebuoy soap.

Cat Croissant

Hand Washing

Fish Bottle

Wash Your Hands

Hamster Cupcake


Dog Bread

Lifebuoy Hand Wash

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  1. Sami

    So creative, so innovative, so impressive :)

  2. Betty

    Now that’s disgusting. Not the idea of picking up germs from critters but the compressed animals…ewww.

  3. Megan

    It is supposed to be disgusting. That is the whole point…

  4. LV

    Betty sounds like those people who tongue-kiss their dogs.

  5. 2moiselles

    Very funny advertises!!

  6. Kamila

    I don’t like it, but apart from that: who touches their fish?!

  7. jacklyn

    cool concept.

  8. Ophelia

    I tongue kiss my dog.

  9. Gert

    Pastry cat FTW! lol

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