Picnic Pants

Picnic Pants

Innovative pants designed by Italian company Acquacalda transform into a useful picnic table when a person sits in a cross-legged position.

“Pic Nic Pants” also feature an adjustable pocket that will hold your drink.

Picnic Pants by Acquacalda

Pic Nic Pants

Picnic Fashion

Pic Nic Pants by Acquacalda

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  1. Singer

    I suggest to wear skirt instead of this weird thing;)

  2. Enrico Martinez

    A nice design. It could be made better or improved if it is attachable/detachable.
    Like extra buttons or zippers on the pants to hold it.
    The buttons/zippers can be placed at the sides of the pants (instead of the place sewn above) to have a more aesthetic look (looking like ordinary pants with side-buttons design).

    The “tablecloth” may now come in different colors/patterns instead of only one when stitched as seen above. And can have a more solid surface where the plate will be on, so it will bounce less.

    If you eat and got it dirty, you can get a clean one to continue eating; and your pants is still clean.

  3. intresting

    ^ Like

  4. Douglas

    Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

  5. Gert

    Still stupid.

  6. vasilli

    Stupid looking and impractical.
    You look like you have an apron.
    And the reason you use a table is to support your plate. how can a loose cloth with no frame support a plate.

  7. Liz

    1. I’m not walking around looking like that. Helll no. Not unless they change the design of the picnic part.
    2. I’m not sitting like that. My poor feet, good lord.
    3. I’m not actually gonna need to randomly sit down somewhere to eat food. Just. why.

  8. Khairul Muhammad

    good idea! :) it just needs a lil’ fashion touch.

  9. whaat

    That is the stupidest thing I’ve seen here lately. Enrico, good idea, but that’s just like putting chocolate on bad ice-cream. Still bad.

  10. Matt

    WTF? lol

  11. Carla Lovato

    The idea is funny and we can recycle an old jeans pants.

  12. tara

    it is called a skirt

  13. Rebekah


  14. Jamie

    It’s actually a good idea. I like it. Very practical. But there’s no escaping the fact that it’s ugly as hell.

  15. Sharyn

    Stop…Hammer time!

  16. Ru

    Oh god how hilarious, I can see the infomercial for it now…

    But to address some other points-
    -this is better than a skirt for the purpose, because you can hold it taut to form a little table. If you did this with a skirt, you’d show the world your underwear, but because these have pants underneath you don’t.
    -the problem with using another piece of cloth is that you can’t hold it taut unless you manage to awkwardly sit on it.

    Don’t get me wrong, they are ridiculous.

  17. Bobby Jean

    Why ugly jeans? Surely a bit of effort could have been made to embroider, tint, or otherwise enhance the basic jeans …and disguise the tray thingy until it is needed. Not a lot of thought put into this design.

  18. Elphi

    Low crotch pants are currently a very popular in Asian countries so I see no huge problem with that part. As long as it’s easy to wipe off the “picnic” part of the pants (like if it was made of a rain jacket-like water resistant material) then I see no problem with that either. It’s something both guys and girls can wear. And the support comes from the stretched fabric.
    The only change I would make is in the jean-looking part of the pants and the cupholder. They might as well change it up to look like low crotch cargo pants (big pockets to hold the drink).

  19. bla

    reminds me of the Pilko Pump Pants

  20. SC

    When they have a red checkered design to look more like a tablecloth, I am IN!

  21. jane smith

    these pants are amazing! so practical

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