Muscle Suit

Muscle Suit

Creative suit designed by Tomek Pietek was inspired by human anatomy.

Eye-catching “muscle suit” for cyclists, runners, athletes, and people who want to stand out and get noticed.

Muscle Skin Suit

Meat Suit

Cycling Suit

Skin Suit

Tomek Pietek

Muscles Suit

Muscle Cycling Suit

Anatomy Suit

Tomek Pietek Muscle Suit

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  1. Ben

    It is missing one muscle

  2. Sepehr

    exactly :)))))

  3. Pearl Lamie

    i want this!

  4. Chase

    skin usually gets in the way of the needle

  5. Gert

    I think that’s in case a woman buys it Ben. lol

  6. jimbo

    I wouldn’t like the feeling of people seeing me as a side of beef. Creepy.

  7. Gian Piero Biancoli

  8. Junnie

    I’m gonna say it.

    I’m gonna say it.


  9. Jeff

    Wow! Just wow! :-) Very creative!

  10. Shilov

    Even with a potbelly you’ll sport a sixpack!

  11. Thunder

    You’ll stand out definitely. But when a man wears this everybody is going to make fun of him because he’s missing the most “manly” muscle…

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