Paper Clip Sculptures

Paper Clip Sculptures

Italian artist Pietro D’Angelo makes creative sculptures out of paper clips.

Thousands of interconnected paper clips form the shapes of humans and animals. Boring office supplies transformed into original works of art.

Paperclip Sculpture

Paperclip Sculptures

Paperclip Art


Italian artist Pietro DAngelo

Artist Pietro DAngelo

Paperclip Sculptures by Pietro DAngelo

Paperclip Sculpture by Pietro DAngelo

Sculptures by Pietro DAngelo

Sculpture Made of Paperclips

Paper Clip Sculpture

Sculpture by Pietro DAngelo

Paper Clip Sculptures by Pietro DAngelo

Paper Clip Sculpture by Pietro DAngelo

Sculptures Made of Paperclips

Paper Clips

Pietro DAngelo

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  1. Douglas


  2. Gert

    And here all I did with them was chain them together and whip my brother with it…

  3. Emily

    How big are the actual sculptures?

    They are pretty impressive!

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