Aquarium Landscapes

Aquarium Landscapes

Beautiful three-dimensional landscapes constructed inside of real aquariums by talented artist Mariele Neudecker.

Miniature forests and mountains created out of fiberglass, acrylic resin, and other materials. Aquariums are filled with chemicals and water.

Aquarium Sculptures

Art Installations by Mariele Neudecker

Mariele Neudecker

Artist Mariele Neudecker

Aquarium Sculpture

Mariele Neudecker Aquarium Landscapes

Tank Works

Tank Works

Aquarium Landscapes by Mariele Neudecker

Aquarium Sculptures by Mariele Neudecker

Aquarium Landscape

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  1. Wolf

    Greatest art I´ve ever seen!
    I want them all.

  2. eemke

    thank god there are no fish in them !

  3. Rob

    ummm…. can I has one??? please?

    Amazing works of art! I really do want one though :-)

  4. ruud

    i was going to dismiss it and not look at it. I am glad I did. A fantastic magical display and so realistic. Love it!

  5. Gert

    Very cool but they need fish. lol

  6. Timothy R.

    Woah ! I want the forest one, it’s awesome.

  7. Rob

    seriously though…. where can I buy one of these? Particularly the forests one.

    also, wouldn’t it be really cool if the artist used one way mirrors instead of glass? You could look in but it would appear that the forest would go on forever…

    someone tell me where I can buy one of these!!

  8. Sadaf

    How light is manipulated in the one with forest? Light in aquarium is much brighter and directed differently than light in room.

  9. Arielle

    Creepy but really beautiful

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