Sand Architecture

Sand Architecture

Modern buildings, castles, houses, and sculptures constructed on a beach by talented artist Calvin Seibert.

Beautiful sand sculptures, elaborate sand castles, and miniature buildings are created, photographed, and then eventually destroyed.

The artist has to think fast and work quickly before the tide comes in and washes away his creation.

Sand Castles

Sand Sculptures

Sand Castle

Sand Sculptures by Calvin Seibert

Sand Sculpture

Sand Castles

Modern Sand Castles

Sand Art

Modern Sand Sculpture

Modern Sand Sculptures

Sand Castle by Calvin Seibert

Sand Architecture by Calvin Seibert

Sand Sculpture by Calvin Seibert

Sand Architecture

Sand Art by Calvin Seibert

Modern Sand Art

Modern Sand Castle

Calvin Seibert

Calvin Seibert

Sand Castles by Calvin Seibert

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  1. Khurram

    Beautiful !

  2. Betty

    Amazing. I guess if you are still building sandcastles at his age, one might as well be awesome at it.

  3. Douglas

    Nice, but relatively small compared to the amazing stuff seen in the sand sculpture festivals. Very skilled.

  4. aladeen

    this is awesomee

  5. Nido

    That is a well crafted piece of awesomeness. :D

  6. Ru

    These remind me of the work of M.C.Escher. Lots of the cities in his prints looked similar in style. Very cool!

  7. Dave

    My sandcastles never looked like this. Truly amazing.

  8. Kamila

    Great! How he manages to keep the shapes so even? It’s unbelievable he did all of this with regular sand!

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