Baguette Bag

Baguette Bag

Stylish and innovative bag designed by CYAN allows people to safely and easily transport a loaf of delicious bread.

Available in different colors, “Baguette Bag” is the perfect bread carrier.

Useful bag protects the bread, keeps it warm, and frees up your hands.

Now you can finally take French bread with you and eat it during lunch.

CYAN Baguette Bag

Baguette Bag by CYAN

Bread Bag

Bread Carrier

Baguette Carrier

Bread Bag by CYAN

CYAN Bread Bag

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  1. Jury

    it was in the form of sausage.. now baguette. Next? Bond – a big bunch of bananas. Toy kangaroo bag kangaroo pocket on the back of the backpack.

  2. pTc

    Well this turns the traditional handbag into something rather more sinister.

  3. Swiper Fox

    Though the bag is good. The girl has more of my attention than the bag.

  4. Captain America

    Whats wrong with the normal cheap plastic bag it normally comes in?

  5. Gert

    Oh I totally always bring the entire loaf of bread and nothing else to eat of course. lol

  6. chris miller

    The girl have the golden touch to everything she tries to promote.

  7. Douglas

    Forget my handbag, as long as I have my bread bag I’m a complete, confident woman.

  8. wat

    yeah, very “innovative”…

  9. Alba

    I’m in love with the model.
    The bread is just bonus.

  10. @

    The bag that it comes in doesn’t usually close up that well and it makes the bread go dry.

  11. Rebekah

    Thank goodness for people who solve the worlds most pressing problems. Hah.

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