Floating Vase

Floating Vase

Innovative vase designed by Japanese company oodesign looks like a small ripple on the surface of the water.

Simply place creative Ripple Vase in water and let it float. Transparent vase blends in with surrounding liquid and becomes almost invisible.

Beautiful flower will appear to stand and float by itself.

Invisible Vases

Ripple Vase

Floating Vases

Floating Ripple Vase

Invisible Vase

oodesign Vase

Ripple Vases

Floating Ripple Vases

Ripple Effect Vases

Ripple Effect Vase

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  1. tintin


  2. smokie fox

    boy this would really make a splash at my local florist’s shop!

  3. Ben

    Very cool

  4. Betty

    Oh that is so simple yet brilliant! I want 3!

  5. Xcallibur

    somethings only look good in photos.

  6. Kamila

    Looks quite superficial on most photos, especially in the smaller containers with water.

  7. Gert

    Pretty neat idea.

  8. Hossein

    My God…!!!!!

  9. K

    I saw this a while ago and had to have one. It looks pretty much exactly like the photo, I used mine in a centerpiece with a tall cylindrical vase with river rocks on the bottom. It’s extremely delicate and simple, and very cool.

  10. yesy

    This is great.

  11. goodcoll

    I want to buy some. K, where did you get yours?

  12. Dominic

    Credit when Credit is due!

  13. Jury

    add asymmetry and less than the size of the waves. Soft plastic for different diameters of stalks.. and way slowly rotates.

  14. Pete

    I love this

  15. Subash

    Where can i order these ??

  16. Ashe

    Totally confused me.

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