Suspended Bedroom

Suspended Bedroom

Modern studio apartment with hanging bedroom mounted to the ceiling.

Suspended Room adds much needed usable space to 538 square foot apartment in Paris, France.

Unique bedroom consists of metallic structure and wooden panels.

Innovative private bedroom in the middle of a small apartment.

Designed by Emmanuel Combarel and Dominique Marrec of ECDM.

Hanging Bedroom

Apartment with Hanging Bedroom

Apartment by ECDM Architects

Hanging Room

Suspended Room

Emmanuel Combarel and Dominique Marrec

Apartment with Suspended Bedroom

Valentin Apartment by Emmanuel Combarel Dominique Marrec

ECDM Architects

Floating Bedroom

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  1. Richard

    A pretty cool looking design, but i reckon if you lived in it eventually you’d find something annoying about it

  2. Jury

    1. cube bedroom – could move on rails on the ceiling – forward and rewind. 2.sids sids wall of the cube – are piled up as a fur accordion. Bedroom bed hangs from the ceiling should be possible to enable the cradle of rock. And in General quite boldly, that would be successful. If the side walls of the left hard – not folding they can be transparent Windows and the blinds

  3. Tom

    Nice concept in order to make a “1 bedroom” apartment out of what is essentially a studio.

    But this is really only for people that never actually cook anything in their kitchen. Without any means of closing off the “bedroom” I can imagine your sheets end up smelling like your dinner.

  4. Gert

    Tom, that only happens when you cook greasy or extremely stinky things which most folks don’t and those that do, all their stuff smells that way anyways no matter HOW big their house is.

    That said, I’d put up a bar and hang a decorative curtain across it during the day. Mostly so I don’t have to make the bed.

  5. Jimbo

    Assumes you have 15′ ceiling area or more in your apartment. I’ve never been in an apartment that has more height than length or width. I really like Jury’s ideas though.

  6. pTc

    How amazing would a glass (or 1-way mirrored floor) be in the cube

  7. Nerrisa

    it would be great if you put a curtain for a privacy since it doesn’t take any space

  8. Pete

    Makes a beautiful modern apartment…

    … furnishes it with a TV from 1992. :)

    Anyway, I assume this was built in a place with commercial-quality steel beams in the ceiling. If just normal wood, not sure I’d trust that bedroom to stay flush against the ceiling without cracks showing (or worse).

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