Staircase for Dogs

Staircase for Dogs

Creative staircase designed by 07Beach for residential house in Vietnam.

It has an extra set of smaller stairs designed specifically for dogs.

Modern house is also equipped with pet doors and windows.

Staircase for Cats

Dog Staircase

Stairs for Pets

Stairs for Dogs

Staircase for People and Dogs

Stairs for Cats

Dog Stairs

Per Windows

Staircase for Pets

Pet Staircase

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  1. Me

    To be honest it seems useless and pretty stupid.

  2. gunneos

    and they can’t use normal staircases because…?

  3. charu

    these dogs wont use the side staircase which you have allotted them.. because they are dogs.. loyal to owner and they will come at the back of the owner..

  4. mick

    Makes a refreshing change from eating them!

  5. Pearl Lamie

    Separate but equal!

  6. jimbo

    Dogs are just childrend with furry suits… just can’t find the blasted zipper. We never did what our parents told us to do either, why should they? Woolf!

  7. Gert

    Waste of effort.

  8. Douglas

    Treats these dogs special then has their brother or sister for lunch. What?

  9. Josh

    Why the hell does the pet stairs have a hand rail?
    … Are those dogs mutants and can grow a fifth limb?

  10. Amanda

    Well thats pretty stupid. Next there will be special dog couches and bar stools. America, what the hell is happening to you?

  11. kt

    America? Do people not stop and read descriptions anymore? It was designed and installed in Vietnam.

  12. MARISA

    Why dogs need smaller staircases?

  13. Max

    Must have been a lot of work getting the dogs to use the doggy stairs instead of the normal one.

  14. Kat

    I agree with Max

  15. Zach

    I really like this. A great idea for older dogs who struggle with with normal steps, or even smaller dogs. The design also seems to work very well with the existing interior and architecture. Cool!

  16. Ed

    I agree with Zach. Stairs in homes are made with humans in mind, bipedal creatures. Normal staircases are too steep for animals (have you ever seen one going up or down the stairs? Their bodies are at a pretty uncomfortable angle) and in these pictures, they don’t seem to be struggling.

  17. kadal

    well i’m not gonna say its a waste or fail and its not great either…but i think the house become more interesting and its like a playground for the dog. i think its fun.

  18. Chris

    What kind of dog is that? (black one)

  19. Sam

    Bet those dogs don’t really live there… everything’s too white! Or if they do, it won’t be that white for long!

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