Creative Bus Stop Advertisements

Bus Stop Ads

Collection of creative bus stop advertisements from around the world.

McDonald’s Bus Stop Advertisement

Clever McDonald’s “Open All Night” advertisement. [more]

McDonalds Bus Stop Advertisement

Simpsons Bus Stop Advertisement

Creative advertisement for the Simpsons movie in Germany.

Simpsons Bus Stop Advertisement

F1 Bus Stop Advertisement

Creative F1 bus stop advertisement in Singapore.

F1 Bus Stop Advertisement

F1 Bus Stop Advertisement 2

Quiksilver Bus Stop Advertisements

One of their new ad spaces allow skaters to go on a Quiksilver mini ramp attached to a bus stop. For surfers, there is a bus stop with a surfboard bench with the whole stop containing a whole wave image.

Quiksilver Bus Stop Advertisement

Quiksilver Bus Stop Advertisement 2

Star Wars Bus Stop Advertisement

Spike network has installed Stars Wars faux “light sabers” where the ad would normally go, with the promo text at the bottom. We are instructed to “use only in case of Sith”.

Star Wars Bus Stop Advertisement

IKEA Bus Stop Advertisement

IKEA placed a sofa in a bus stop in Istanbul.

IKEA Bus Stop Advertisement

McDonald’s Bus Stop Advertisement

Just what you want while waiting for the bus: that mouth watering, tantalizing reminder of how much you’d love to stuff your face with a 1,000 calorie burger only to be reminded later by your stomach it wasn’t the best decision you could have made.

McDonalds Bus Stop Advertisement

Real Hip Hop Bus Stop Advertisement

Creative bus stop advertisement.

Real Hip Hop Bus Stop Advertisement

Real Hip Hop Bus Stop Advertisement 2

Australia Post Bus Stop Advertisement

Advertising Agency: M&C Saatchi, Melbourne, Australia.

Australia Post Bus Stop Advertisement

Osram Energy Saver Bus Stop Advertisement

This outdoor idea not only embraces the media at its disposal but also gives consumers a realistic world of advice to help tackle the current energy crisis in South Africa. The execution ensures that the consumer interacts with the message when a light is triggered by a sensor as they approach the bus stop – illuminating the shelter as well as the message, which reads: “Only use electricity when you need it”.

Osram Energy Saver Bus Stop Advertisement

Osram Energy Saver Bus Stop Advertisement 2

Playstation Bus Stop Advertisement

Bus station in Malaysia features boards with bubble wrap.

Playstation Bus Stop Advertisement

3M Security Glass Bus Stop Advertisement

3M was so sure their Security Glass was unbreakable, they put a large stack of cash behind it and shoved it in a bus stop. [more]

3M Security Glass Bus Stop Advertisement

Creative Bus Stop Advertisements

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  1. Lou

    Hehe, Very nice collection!
    I really liked the “Real Hip Hop Bus Stop Advertisement”, so funny. At first you thought it was a regular afro dude there and then I noticed it was a Korean with a painted afro or something. :D

  2. sanimoyo

    The 3M ad is brilliant.

  3. F. Yang

    Can’t stop laughing at the real hip hop ad, haha.

  4. Mr Kuzio


    The Simpsons Bus Stop Advertisement is GREAT!!!

  5. Bobby

    The postage stamp one would help me save some time in the morning, i could shave and do my hair at the bus stop, much less chance of me missing the bus then.

  6. Tita

    Love the use energy when u need it (Dominican Republic)

  7. John Woods

    Wow, wish I could find that one with the money in it. Where there is a will, there is a way!

  8. BOB

    Cool ideas

  9. Billy Shanks

    I have to wonder about the 3M ad: If it really is that hard to get at the money how do they get it out of there after they’re done with it?

  10. Calvin Cox

    This is such a cool post. Great Ad Ideas are what separates the boys from the men, and the Ad agencies that came up with these campaigns are obviously men in the game. Great Job.

  11. Crowquill

    The 3M one can’t be full of real money. Their glass may be strong, but the structure is made to be taken apart and changed out occasionally. Besides, I’d think they’d be concerned with someone ramming it with a truck.

    I’m guessing the Quicksilver quarter-pipe isn’t in the US. That one’s awesome but is just begging for a lawsuit in the US.

    I was pretty impressed with the star wars one too. Would’ve been better with handle graphics, though.

  12. Ivan Raszl

  13. Just Some Guy

    Hip hop ad was brilliant. 3M security glass just plain ingenious in its simplicity – whose eyes can resist a pile of cash?

  14. krazd

    These are awesome designs! Toxel always has cool stuff!

  15. Flayrica

    I think this 3M ad wouldn’t be that successful in South Africa.

  16. Nice

    Good ideas.. Nicely put together.

  17. michi

    Nice ideas!
    I like 3M’s and McDonald’s ads best.

  18. alexb

    The 3M one has been on a couple of these types of list before. Apparently they had a security guard with it, and people were only allowed to use their feet. The top $500 is real, the rest is fake, and people weren’t allowed to keep the money even if they could break it. It’s a great idea, just a shame that the way they pulled it off makes it seem that 3M has no confidence in it at all :P

  19. mile

    I Like Real Hip Hop, Very Creative!

  20. owain

    The 3M is genius… Some great ideas in there,

    Id’ love to see some creative ideas for exhibition stands..

    has anyone seen any blogs showcasing this sort of design?

    thanks for sharing this


  21. Postcard Printing |

    Love the Osram energy ad. The Real Hip Hop one made me chuckle. I like the Post one with the mirror as well – I think it’s quite creative for a bus stop. The McD’s counter is just not right and seeing the counter doesn’t make me hungry for McD’s. The Playstation ad is awesome because everyone loves bubble wrap. The only bad thing is by the time the 10th person saw it, I bet all the bubbles had been popped!

  22. reece

    that 3m ad is the best that is true prof

  23. julesandrebrown


  24. Jam

    I really liked the Simpson’s one. I want that on the wall in my office!!!

  25. Dj Gav Geddes

    The simpsons one is absolutely brilliant.

  26. emad

    plz i need to know how i can design on the bus or car…

  27. Tukang Nggame

    F1 Bus Stop Advertisement, cool…

  28. squareart

    These are great:)
    Love the Real Hip Hop Bus Stop Advertisement.
    Fab list, thanks.

  29. karthi

    its really flaterred..

  30. tal

    to cool

  31. shahab

    Quicksilver busstop is best

  32. KP

    3M++ WOW. Real Hip Hop +

  33. joseph smith

    Haaa! I liked the Simpsons one too.

  34. Larna

    i wonder how the ikea couch will look like after a few days?its just ridiculous.

  35. E

    I’d drive a car into the 3M one and get that cash baby!

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