Hair Brush Flask

Hair Brush Flask

Innovative paddle brush with built-in secret container will hold your favorite beverage and help you style your hair.

Discreetly carry water, alcohol, or any other liquid in your handbag. It looks and functions exactly like a real hairbrush. The flask is completely hidden.

Bev-Brush even comes with useful mirror on the back. [order]

Hair Brush Secret Flask

Hairbrush Secret Flask

Hairbrush Flask

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  1. Melissa Warner

    Such an awesome thing, reminded me of a bra flask. Really nice and funny idea. I think it’s a great gift for those women who have everything and don’t need anything. This kind of present will make them laugh for sure!

  2. Gert

    Man I could have used that thing at my last job. lol

  3. gunneos

    Eh, I don’t know. Hairbrushes aren’t very clean IMO after they’ve got strands stuck in them.

  4. Maria

    Great concept. I would love to have it.

  5. Eva Lentz

    Id buy it!

  6. Hannah Robinson

    I think this would be useful if there was a spray in conditioner or hair gel in the brush! Dont really know why there would be a drink in it. Seems random.

  7. Anthony john

    It’s not random it’s for people who want to sneak vodka into clubs to save money so when the bouncers check there bags they don’t find anything just a brush sneakkyyyy

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