Kitchen Scissors

Kitchen Scissors

Sharp knife combined with miniature cutting board chops food in seconds.

Clever Cutter kitchen scissors protect your hands and easily cut through vegetables, meat, and potatoes.

Mear Scissors

Butter Scissors

Clever Cutter

Potato Scissors

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  1. Critical Eye

    Why is that white cutting board surface needed? Seems like a normal pair of kitchen shears would work just fine.

  2. Zaher Sahyoun

    I don’t like the idea, and i don’t feel like it is useful…

  3. pTc

    But that isn’t the correct process to cut something with a knife. A knife blade needs to slide to cut.

  4. Swiper Fox

    When cooking vegetables, you have to prepare it first.
    You have to cut it all before adding to the stew or hot oily pan.
    Can you always cut it all OVER boiling water or sizzling oil? Chances are… you hands are gonna get cooked too for always being steamed or fried.

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