Pizza Box Pipe

Pizza Box Pipe

Innovative pizza box designed by Nikolas Gregory turns into a smoking pipe.

Cardboard pizza boxes can be quickly folded and transformed into pipes.

Push For Pizza app: “The Munchies are no match” for the Pizza Box Pipe.

Pizza Pipe

Pizza Box Smoking Pipe

Push for Pizza

Push for Pizza Pizza Pipe

Nikolas Gregory Studio

Nikolas Gregory

Nikolas Gregory Studio Pizza Pipe

Pizza Pipe

Nikolas Gregory Pizza Pipe

Cardboard Pizza Pipe

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  1. eemke

    yes light the cardboard on fire !

  2. PrimusWild

    Clever, but inhaling burning cardboard seems inevitable.

  3. ts

    This is all backwards, first you smoke, then you order pizza

  4. Mish Varney

    Well, bongs and pizza do go together…..

  5. Swiper Fox

    Lung Cancer Wins!

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