Portable Furniture

Portable Furniture

Essential apartment furniture and bicycle arranged into one portable box.

Innovative portable furniture designed by Stefan Juust. Move to a new place or travel with your bed, table, bookcase, chair, and bicycle.

Stefan Juust Portable Furniture

Stefan Juust Travelbox

Portable Apartment

Stefan Juust Furniture

Stefan Juust Box

Stefan Juust

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  1. Swiper Fox

    You need more than that to be just able to live minimally in an apartment. You also need a fan, cooking & dining implements, bathroom & washing implements, flat iron & ironing board.

  2. Chari

    @ Swiper Fox
    It’s a good start, though!

  3. Biggmc

    @swiper fox YOU may need those things but some may not cook nore iron clothes and also central air is a thing

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