Helmet Brake Light

Helmet Brake Light

Ultra bright safety light designed for motorcycle helmets features wireless brake detection technology.

Brake Free LED light instantly improves visibility. It mounts on the back of your motorcycle helmet and automatically lights up when you brake.

Motorcycle Helmet Brake Light

Motorcycle Brake Light

Helmet Light

Brake Free

Helmet Safety Light

Brake Free Light

Motorcycle Helmet LED Light

Helmet LED Light

Motorcycle Helmet Light

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  1. Hank

    Very good idea. I love this.

  2. Kathy

    As someone who has ridden motorcycles for more than 10 years… this is a GREAT idea! Can it be configured for those who have two bikes? i.e. Same helmet but riding a different bike. I have a sport bike and a cruiser. Smaller lights for the side of the helmet would be great, too since cars don’t often see bikes that are beside them.
    And… good luck with this. It can be a tough market to break into. I have a line of motorcycle apparel that I designed and even with more than a dozen positive magazine editor reviews, it was a real challenge to get distribution.

  3. John

    Looks like a tricky design. I assume it’s using an accelerometer to detect deceleration, then it turns on the red light. (I don’t think it’s actually connected to the bike in any way, it’s just “sensing” that your helmet slowed down, presumably because the brakes were applied.) Which is good, because there’s nothing to hook up. It doesn’t care what bike you’re riding, or even if you’re riding a bike at all.
    I say it’s tricky, because it would have to be really sensitive to deceleration in order to make the light go on quickly & reliably… but if it’s too sensitive, it’ll go off every time you tip your head back!
    Unless maybe there’s some other kind of wireless communication. Maybe there’s a wireless sensor to “see” if the brake light comes on. Or something that senses current though the brake light wire. Or a wireless pressure sensor on the brake line. Or a wireless position sensor on the brake lever. Oh, the possibilities! Must be a fun design to work on!

  4. Swiper Fox

    It would be MORE VISIBLE if the rider’s back (the whole part of it) has those lights.

  5. Brent Pendleton

    Looks like a great idea. How much does it weigh? I wear a half helmet so a smaller version would be nice. I have been riding for 44 years and it’s always about seeing and being seen when it comes to safety.

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