Bicycle Sauna

Bicycle Sauna

Mobile sauna on wheels designed to be attached to a bicycle can be easily transported to any location.

“Bike Sauna” – wood burning sauna for two people created by a team of H3T architects from Czech Republic.

Bike Sauna

Portable Sauna

Mobile Sauna

H3T architekti Bicycle Sauna

H3T Architects Bicycle Sauna

H3T architekti Bike Sauna

H3T Architects Bike Sauna

H3T Bicycle Sauna

H3T Architects

H3T architekti

Sauna on Wheels

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  1. Swiper Fox

    MMMM… Smells delicious… Is something cooking back there?
    I hope they are not using that while travelling. Accidents may happen and burn themselves. Beware of potholes too.

  2. John

    I’ve never been in a sauna before. Are you supposed to hit the guy next to you with a tree branch? Is that part of the experience?

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