Car Shaped Trailers

Car Shaped Trailers

Cool and unusual trailers made by ACT look like small replicas of real cars.

Priced at $3,695, each hand crafted trailer comes equipped with 12 inch wheels, sleek aerodynamic body, carpet, and working LED lights.

American Custom Trailers reflect time, money, and personality you’ve put into your motorcycle or car. “Don’t Settle For Ordinary”.

Car Trailer

Hummer Trailer

American Custom Trailer

Motorcycle Trailer

Car Trailers

Motorcycle Trailers

Modern Trailer

Vehicle Trailer

Car Inspired Trailer

Travel Trailer

American Custom Trailers

Cool Trailer

Car Shaped Trailer

Custom Trailer

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  1. Stephanie


  2. Truthiness

    Love these!

  3. MMM

    I’ve seen these and they are hawt!

  4. Sharyn

    Aww how cute!

  5. Maru

    Oh my… This is extremely CUTE! The matching cars are just adorable.

  6. morris

    So trailer trash

  7. Nat

    not sure i really see the point of having a trailer the size of a small suitcase. maybe for the bikes but not for the cars

  8. Mike

    Sorry, but I just don’t think these look very good and they certainly don’t seem very practical.

    They could have at least put the right tail lights on the Mustangs!

  9. douglas

    Are these things the same size? They look appropriate behind the bike but ridiculous behind the car.

  10. VinceVega

    cool, but too small to tow behind a car. The proporations seem much more appropraite behind the bikes.

  11. Ronnel

    its so nice :)

  12. Vince

    I think they like mustangs

  13. rick

    I have pulled a trailer for years behind my bike. My mustang could at ttimes use a bigger trunk. I certainly am considering one of these trailers.


    How can i get in touch with you concerning a Trailer.

  15. Universal

    I have the corvette trailer. I love it!! I have pulled it from 100 miles north of Miami, Florida to Fort Worth, TX. and I had to keep reminding myself it was back there. It pulls very well behind my GL1800 Goldwing. So well you can’t feel it back there. They have a lot of room inside them. You just will sometimes get annoyed from people chasing you down on the freeway trying to take pictures… LOL!!! There are a definite conversation piece. One of my friends just bought them one. So hopefully he will pull some of the attention from me. LOL!!!

  16. TomLeeM

    I think those are really cool.


    Seen one up close yesterday at a GWRRA Rally and it looks to have plenty of room. Thinking about getting one.

  18. Wendell Vince

    I have a 2012 Goldwing an a matching Mustang trailer an we ,love it. Drove over to Gulfport MS To Cruise The Coast Thursday our car got a lot of pictures made of it.

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