20 Brilliant Advertising Ideas

20 Brilliant Advertising Ideas

This post features 20 brilliant advertising ideas from around the world.

Pepsi Advertisement

Creative Pepsi “Straws” Advertisement.

Pepsi Advertisement

Playstation Bus Stop Advertisement

This bus station in Malaysia features boards with bubble wrap.

Playstation Bus Stop Advertisement

Dreamland Aqua Park Advertisement

Creative Dreamland Aqua Park “Wet Floor” advertisement.

Dreamland Aqua Park Advertisement

Bike Doctor Advertisement

Existing road icons were painted over with stencil.

Bike Doctor Advertisement

Sanyo Xacti Advertisement

Sanyo Xacti CA6 100% water proof digital movie cameras.

Sanyo Xacti Advertisement

the Score Advertisement

The Score placed bricks in a tribute to Shaq O’Neal’s terrible free throw shooting. Hardcore sport fans know when a basketball player misses a shot, it’s called “throwing a brick”. The bricks were placed in front of popular sports bars and on basketball courts.

the Score Advertisement

Smoke Is Poison Advertisement

12 meter long chemical tanker that looks like a giant cigarette was used by Cancer Research UK to highlight the toxic smoke in cigarettes.

Smoke Is Poison Advertisement

Pizza Hut Advertisement

Creative Pizza Hut “SWAT” print advertisement.

Pizza Hut Advertisement

Nike Advertisement

Nike Advertisement

Eisenbahn Strong Beer Advertisement

Agency: CCZ Communications, Brazil.

Eisenbahn Strong Beer Advertisement

Bare Wetsuits Advertisement

“Stay down longer. Bare. Fit is everything.”

Bare Wetsuits Advertisement

Just in One Bite Bus Advertisement

Creative ad using the side of a bus, that speaks for itself.

Just in One Bite Bus Advertisement

Gun-free South Africa Advertisement

“This is how easy it is to get hold of a gun in South Africa”.

Gun-free South Africa Ad

Heinz Ketchup Advertisement

Heinz Ketchup Advertisement

Visao Junior Advertisement

“It feeds the brain”.

Visao Junior Advertisement

PSP Advertisement

PSP Billboard in SoHo.

PSP Advertisement

PSP Advertisement 2

WMF Knives Advertisement

WMF knives: Cutting board.

WMF Knives Advertisement

Drive Safe Advertisement

Always remember to drive safe!

Drive Safe Advertisement

Unforgettable Advertisements Part 2

Perrier Advertisement

Perrier Advertisement

Matchbox Advertisement

Creative Matchbox “Parking” advertisement.

Matchbox Advertisement

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  1. Andris

    Very nice advertisements

    i really like the pepsi ad.

  2. Dan Collins

    Great collection!
    I love the Perrier ad.

  3. charles gifty

    I like stong beer ad, it is touching

  4. Zork

    ads are awesome, i am really high

  5. Bluntman

    I like the Matchbox advertisement the most…
    And yeah I’m pretty stoned as well

  6. Meg

    The brick “ad” is fantastic. I am all for quirky “inside jokes” (sports fans get it; others won’t) that look out of place. A random single brick in a restaurant will stir curiosity.

  7. zrce

    i like them too…

  8. yomi sopein

    That seat belt Ad is ‘WARNINGFUL’ enough,i think the pix should remind drivers the aftermath of driving without using seat belt…..good concept.

  9. ingilizce


  10. chuckypita

    Shaq = BRICK!

    That’s a great ad – but I love Shaq Diesel. Oh well – sometimes the truth hurts.

  11. Jack9

    Some of these
    A. Bad. Conveying a poor (wrong) message about a product
    B. Take too long to notice the message that can effectively be conveyed in an easier and faster way to notice and understand. Also bad.

  12. Sotek

    Amazing collection!

  13. Alan

    A few “advertisements” that popped up around Wellington, NZ just before the premiere of “The Return of the King” are possibly also worth of mention. E.g. this, on top of the cinema where the premiere took place — http://www.chaosgeneration.com/gallery/kirsten/wellington/wellington_0130.jpg

    An advertising agency had this poster up — http://www.iansmith.co.uk/lotr/weblogs/images/NewZealand2003/Monday24Nov/Large/ECCS2290.jpg — and this was on the other side of the road — http://www.chaosgeneration.com/gallery/kirsten/wellington/wellington_0144.jpg

  14. Fun Online Games

    Awesome collection. Few of them were quite good.

  15. Free Wallpapers

    That pepsi ad was great. Any sites have another collection of these?

  16. Graduation Stoles

    I think my favorite was the wet floor ad because it took a while to get it!


  17. Kevin

    I wonder if Matt Groening gave permission to use Homer Simpson’s image in the “Feed the Brain” ad?

  18. Jim Roberts

    Absolutely brilliant!

  19. sachin khobragade

    great collection, specially the beer ad…

  20. HK

    Good!nice work!

  21. Rahul

    Awesome and hilarious too. My favs are the beer ad, wet floor, knives, pizza hut and nike. But other are also equally good.


  22. IT Freak

    As the topic also says, “Really Brilliant Advertising Ideas”.

  23. Steve Gannon

    Looking at the Coke-Pepsi cans with the straws, my take on it was the straw in the Coke can is doing hand stands and splits or something (exuding happiness), while the Pepsi straw is doing nothing ( no excitement) Then I saw it was sponsored by Pepsi, so I asked my co worker what he thought…he said, I think the coke straw is refusing to go into the can…Oh…I see…
    Wonder how many other people thought what i thought?

  24. Ejat

    awesome advertisement!

  25. baba

    I like the Matchbox advertisement the most…
    And yeah I’m pretty stoned as well

  26. Brisbane web designer

    Best collection I’ve seen in ages. My favourite is the bike doctor. A Stumble for your efforts :)

  27. Toni

    Hah, some good ones. The “burning the red light” is a bit scary / brutal though.

  28. rick

    How come I never see these ads in real life? Oh wait, I don’t have a TV. That may be why.

  29. Jon Kepler

    I’m sure the bubble wrap commercial is pretty engaging. It’s probably one of the best for word of mouth too. This is definitely worth a Digg and a post to my blog.

  30. Hany Saber

    HI all, very attractive Ads, anyone can help me “i’m prepairing a master degree in the role of the creative ideas in the success of the advertising campaigns, and i can’t find resources for this supject. if u know a name of any special books in this field, just want the name and the ISBN where i can find.

    Many many thanks for ur help

  31. Postcard Printing | PrintPlace.com

    I thought all the ads were good in that they were pretty fresh – many concepts I’ve never seen before. The Smoke is Poison one with the cigarette on the tanker – I think it would have been better if the front would have been painted as the brown, or filtered end so that the exhaust smoke would have been coming out of the end of the cigarette.
    I really like the bus one – nice use of venue!

  32. gazeteci

    very very nice

  33. Kevin

    Would love to see more that actually have clever headlines. Show me something in a Tom McElligott headine style and you’ve got my attention. I can concept clever visual metaphors all day along and stick a logo on.

  34. Glynns

    Great advertising is truly great. Thanks for the inspiration!

  35. asdfasd

    Great advertising is truly great. Thanks for the inspiration!

  36. ketut

    GOD i like they works……

  37. chandan pandey

    great advertisment its creative and very effective

  38. Timmy

    Really Brilliant Advertising Ideas. pls upload more of the ads.

  39. danielle

    i love the Heinz Ketchup advert spot on…

  40. Melissa

    Proof that you need to be clever to be truly effective!

  41. evil


  42. evil


  43. sandeep

    i like the pepsi add

  44. Asesh

    brilliant ad’s

  45. santhi

    super and excellent creative work

  46. rimis.net

    Wonderful and great davertisements.

  47. Jaya Prakash Oli

    wonderful adv ideas. I am looking for add agencies whom I can provide my creative advertisement ideas.

  48. Khushboo

    The ads are rocking!!!! God knows how the advertisers got that ideas:-) they implemented it so beautifully n nicely

  49. Narasimhan S. Iyengar

    Mindblowing!! what kind of brain they have.. Gr8!!

  50. John

    Hey these are great!! love the gun one!

    Check out this guys stuff from London:

    I love the water fountain one!

  51. borin

    I love the knife advertisment

  52. Chris

    love the Perrier ad!

  53. Afaf

    cooooooooooool!!! it’s really amazzzing! i like it!

  54. Fawaz

    This below advertisement is good for big insurance companies:
    OUTDOOR VIEW: Sum high business men wearing suit, they are painting a wall or doing sum labor work (drilling – cleaning….) then suddenly limo car will be stopped near of them and two or three labors with big smile (and golden tooth ) they will get out of the car and washing the work.

    Then go to other view (safe your future with (name of the insurance company))

  55. Brian

    It is great to see what creative minds can do.
    Good site

  56. Nomakhosazana

    I love it too

  57. John Lee Joseph

    DRIVE SAFE ad is simply awesome !!!!!!

  58. Kim

    My head feels like his looks

  59. sally

    thats so cool

  60. Marcelo Bacchi

    Is there any other sites with more adverts? I love these ones. Great website

  61. Aakash

    strong beer add rocks

  62. Netty

    awesome! i wish all ads were that clever.


    all is good

  64. neha yadav

    “HEINZ, parking, one bite bus” are really innovative and attractive. really liked the idea.

  65. Neppolian p

    all is too good…..

  66. karthick

    Top class thinking….
    specely i like jest in one bite bus advertisement.

  67. Sarrith


    I like the ad for Perrier.
    It is simple and good.


  68. Amrita

    Awesome ya…

  69. vishal pandit

    i like knife ad. awesome all

  70. Swayam

    Brilliant creativity… Loved them all !!!

  71. Mr. Duffleburg

    these comments people are leaving on this site are great advice for the project I’m doing at school. you people must be very smrt.

  72. arthur

    too good . , god bless you all

  73. shiny

    Too sassy!!!!
    I really liked it..

  74. kayal

    loving it

  75. sadia

    like the most Heinz,showing great erg 2 eat mor.

  76. sara

    it is very nice …. thanks

  77. Faria

    Ad. makers are the real entreprenuers, really liked all the ads..!!!

  78. madhura

    All ads r fabulous ,,,,,,the effect were so creative.

  79. arab

    awesome ads esps. da gun ad in SA.

  80. Adam

    Awesome collections and keep on the good work dude. Loved the idea of just one bite’s bus advertisement. God bless you.

  81. Piyush Shah

    Awesome Advertisement tricks…………. great….. keep it up…………..

  82. jack

    i like nike ad. its very nice

  83. siddhu

    I liked the nike and that strong beer Ad…

  84. Mike

    Best collection I’ve seen in ages. I like the Smoke Is Poison Ad. :)

  85. Ghazi

    Great Ideas .. Touchy Method
    Keep ’em comin’

  86. Sally

    I love this!!!!

  87. lisa

    like this

  88. sunil patidar

    i like these ads very much its different ………..new and worthy .

  89. jose

    truly effective

  90. Dass

    It’s very useful to all creative people.

  91. manoj

    all the ads are awesome,well creativity but best is perrier ad.

  92. Ashley

    All so good but the best one was the perrier ad
    lol it was funny :)

  93. yassine

    You got the best ideas. I love it, keep on.
    my son and I would love to see that everyday.

  94. Kailas

    Beer advertise very strong! nice

  95. Bala Prahlad

    It’s very effective

  96. nck

    wow awsome! cars and the psp! :)

  97. nishika gupta

    these advertisements are awesome.i loved the pepsi ,nike and the beer.

  98. Ade

    The wet suit ad is effective….I feel cold just looking at him….

  99. razzagh

    i really like it

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