Stairs House in Japan

Stairs House in Japan

Unique house in Shimane, Japan is famous for its cool roof made of stairs.

Open spaces between the stairs are covered with clear glass that lets in light and protects the house from rain.

Stairs House

Stair House Interior

Stairs House Interior

Stairs Roof

House of Stairs Interior

Stairs on a House

House of Stairs

Staircase House

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  1. sean

    i think this is a copy or fusion of Alvaro Siza’s stair house with Renzo Piano’s workshop

  2. he

    Not recommended for older people. ;)

  3. torjan

    It is safer to live just like the pyramid…

    I mean in the earth quake sense…

  4. roqueflip

    i love japan

  5. Ben

    Those kids need slinkys.

  6. Doink

    Only the Japanese could do this :)

  7. TheBligh

    i like the house alot, but not the tiles used on the outside of the house…
    but then again the design is really awesome (:

  8. a

    stairs as a rooftop. Giving peeping toms and home-invaders all sorts of new possibilities.

  9. Blorgh

    I’ve always wondered what it would be like to live under the bleachers.

  10. Ben

    This is just like a scaled up version of Harry Potter’s room!

  11. no

    wow, so cute!!

  12. Kirvi_Inci

    All I can say is this would be fun as hell to slide down in the winter! lol

  13. Christian

    I think that Rocky would love this.

  14. Rivi

    great ……………but how the sun light will come inside the home ?

  15. Julie

    Wow very cool
    a slinkys paradise!

  16. courtesyflush

    why not build a slip n’ slide for those playful kids?… just don’t slide off the roof.

  17. Paul

    How about the rain??

  18. Raads

    @ Paul, if you read it says “Open spaces between the stairs are covered with clear glass that lets in light and protects the house from rain.”

    i think its a really cool idea, but i dont think the veiw will be very nice if someone decides to sit on the steps..:S -_-

  19. jen

    weird house but so sick ! :p

  20. prachi chaudhary

    vry vry nice house!!!!!!!!!!!! i want it to be mine

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