Paper Animals

Paper Animals

Detailed paper sculptures of various animals designed and folded by Swiss origami artist Sipho Mabona.

Most of these beautiful and realistic creations were made from a single uncut paper square. Sipho Mabona lives and works in Switzerland.

Sipho Mabona


Paper Tiger


Paper Crayfish

Polar Bear

Paper Polar Bear

Puffer Fish

Paper Puffer Fish


Paper Sparrow


Mabona Origami


Paper Crab


Paper Octopus


Paper Cockroach


Paper Bird


Paper Ant

Grizzly Bear

Paper Grizzly Bear

Paper Grizzly

Koi Fish

Paper Koi Fish


Paper Rhino

Praying Mantis

Paper Praying Mantis

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  1. The Unofficial Art Critic

    and I thought I was good at origami…

  2. Lilia Smiles

    He looks very happy doing what he loves!

  3. Lol

    ants should only have six legs…. thats a spider…

  4. Lady Bee

    @Lol the two front “legs” that you are talking about is actually the antennae of the ant. So the artist was right, that is an ant.

  5. Gert

    I remember the puffer fish from my high school art class, fun but a pain in the butt to blow up properly without messing it up.

  6. Mel


  7. BLUE

    pic 11 is ZAPDOS!!!

  8. J Jones


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