Free Standing Tree House

Free Standing Tree House

Modern tree house designed by Ravnikar Potokar architects is supported by four wooden legs.

Freestanding playhouse can be placed among smaller trees that will not support regular tree house. It has large glass window and from the side looks like AT-AT Walker from Star Wars.

Modern Tree House

Modern Treehouse

Wooden Tree House

Wooden Treehouse

Freestanding Treehouse

Tree House


Freestanding Tree House

Free Standing Treehouse

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  1. chels

    so it’s essentially just a fort that’s as high as a tree next to a tree?

  2. Zack

    Defeats the purpose of a “tree-house” if it’s sans-tree.

  3. A bored housewife

    ok… looks like a Hunter’s Sight stand to me.

  4. Max

    It feels so… random

  5. John

    It’s just a shed with a huge window on it with stands….. anyone can design this… I think the background adds something special to it but overall… there isn’t much new with this.. but would be nice to have for general use for children.

  6. Henri

    Kind of like the Star Wars Walkers?

  7. Sharyn

    It looks like something any reasonably handy parent could knock up over the weekend.

    That said, something like this that any reasonably handy parent could knock up over the weekend would probably make it’s inventor rather wealthy.

  8. Karen

    This is a good attempt, but what is the fun of having a crudely-made box up high in a tree when it’s not crudely made or actually in a tree…

  9. Douglas

    Why would you call this a tree house.

  10. Robert

    You people are crazy. That’s freaking awesome!

  11. Philip

    Pshh… My Dad built one of these when I was a kid. That was 20+ years ago, you guys are a little behind.. :P

  12. Gert

    Soo.. a deer stand… which are illegal in most places actually. gotcha.

  13. kadal

    its not a tree house… just a house build next to a tree.
    but aside from the name, that building was interesting and i like it.
    and the building didn’t harm any trees, and didnt need to cut any branches.

  14. John

    Kadel, expect from that fact it’s made from wood which means it did harm some tree’s while in the process of making it :p but having the structure attached to a tree would increase it’s strength…

  15. Tom

    The building didn’t harm any trees??? From where the wood came?

    I like the house, but not really amazing.

  16. Bobby Jean

    Seriously? Here in Missouri, teenagers routinely build more elaborate deer stands.

  17. Tasj

    Its not a tree house if theres no tree to put it in. Its more a shed on stilts

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