Money Portraits

Money Portraits

Japanese artist Yosuke Hasegawa creates three-dimensional portraits of presidents and world leaders out of real money.

Dollar bills and paper money from different countries are carefully folded and transformed into the heads of people in hats.

Paper Money Origami

Money Faces

Art of Money

Money Figures

Money Sculptures by Yosuke Hasegawa

Money Heads

Money Origami

Money Heads by Yosuke Hasegawa

Money Portraits by Yosuke Hasegawa

Yosuke Hasegawa

Money Figures by Yosuke Hasegawa

Money Origami by Yosuke Hasegawa

Folded Money by Yosuke Hasegawa

Money Art by Yosuke Hasegawa

Money by Yosuke Hasegawa

Money Portrait

Money Face

Money Head

Money Sculptures

Origami by Yosuke Hasegawa

Folded Money

Money Faces by Yosuke Hasegawa

Moneygami by Yosuke Hasegawa

Money Figure


Money Sculpture

Banknote Origami

Banknote Art

Currency Art

Art of Money by Yosuke Hasegawa

Currency Origami

Money Art

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Gift Ideas
  1. Joe

    Haha, these are brilliant!

  2. mimi


  3. inan

    very creative!..writing the names of the countries would be really good though.

  4. PersonalGenius

    What country was that lion president of?

  5. dave

    Unfortunately he’s about 3 years too late, as this was done for WESTERN UNION bank as an advertising campaign.

  6. E

    Whoah, that takes some origami skill…

  7. Jury

    Lenin ?

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