Chewing Gum Packaging

Chewing Gum Packaging

Clever packaging with die-cut windows makes chewing gum look like teeth.

Mouths with lips and mustaches printed on the outside of the packaging.

Designed by Hani Douaji for Trident Xtra Care sugar-free chewing gum.

Spearmint Gum – Lips


Cool Mint Gum – Mustache

Trident Gum Packaging

Cool Mint Gum – Lips

Trident Gum

Spearmint Gum – Mustache

Chewing Gum Packaging

Peppermint Gum – Lips

Creative Chewing Gum Packaging

Peppermint Gum – Mustache

Creative Bubble Gum Packaging

Trident Gum Packaging Concept

Chewing Gum

Hani Douaji

Gum Packaging

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