Giant Cat Head Mask

Realistic cat head mask from Japan will transform you into a cute animal.

Giant cat head mask created out of wool felt by Housetu Sato will be presented at Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum. [April 18 – 23, 2015]

Realistic Cat Head Mask

Giant Cat Head

Giant Cat Mask

Cat Head Costume

Cat Mask

Cat Costume

Cat Head Mask

Realistic Cat Head

Realistic Cat Mask

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  1. Dominic


  2. Pearl Lambie

    i WANT!!!

  3. Gert

    Let me know when it comes in orange tabby

  4. J. LEZAMA

    how much? and do you have a smaller version?

  5. Arielle

    LOL creepy as hell

  6. Ann V Smith

    Please let me know if this large cat head mask is available to purchase?
    It is just fabulous!!!

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