Creative BBC World Advertisements

BBC World Advertisements

Even though this BBC World campaign is not new, we decided that it is very creative and worth sharing. Enjoy!

Creative world map artworks by Karen Minot.

Creative BBC World Advertisements 2

Creative BBC World Advertisements 3

Creative BBC World Advertisements

Creative BBC World Advertisements 4

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  1. Adam

    It really takes a while to get the ads. I didn’t realize there was a picture hidden in them at first. I suppose many people who are confused at first will try to figure it out, but others will disregard it. I’m not sure if I’d call it effective advertising.

  2. Matt

    The first one was too blatant to miss, in my opinion. I can’t see the second one. The third one looks like somebody holding a gun and someone else kneeling down next to them, but I think somebody with a terribly dirty mind could also perceive it as something else, if you know what I’m saying.

  3. isabelle_yang

    I agree with Adam. I guess if it moved a bit people would see that there’s something behind the photos.

    #1: SARS
    #2: riot
    #3: hostage

    You can’t miss the shoulder strap and handle on that rifle

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