Modern Apartment in Paris

Modern Apartment in Paris

Beautiful apartment designed by French architects Betillon / Dorval Bory demonstrates efficient use of space.

Tiny studio apartment was renovated and converted into a modern living space that is big enough for two people.

Different sections of the apartment are separated by colorful lighting.

Efficient Apartment in Paris

Studio Apartment in Paris

Apartment in Paris

Parisian Apartment

Studio Apartment in Paris

Modern Shower

Modern Studio Apartment in Paris

Efficient Studio Apartment in Paris

Betillon Dorval Bory

Affordable Studio Apartment

Studio Apartment


Parisian Studio Apartment

Efficient Studio Apartment

Studio Apartment Bathroom

Modern Studio Apartment

Studio Apartment

Appartement Spectral

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  1. Dave

    No toilet or closet space.

  2. anonymni

    Thats living for tibetan monk hmm?
    Why so “unhuman”?

  3. Zoolo

    Where can u place your clothes in that small place… its a nice project … but i don’t see it practical.

  4. Timothy R.

    Woh ! All that white … Just looking at those pictures is uncomfortable so …. I don’t even imagine leaving in this place.

  5. Noni

    This should be illegal, even in Paris

  6. Jules

    Where’s the w.c.?!?!?!

  7. Douglas

    Soon the building owner will divide all the livable space into broom closets so designers can design wonderful spaces and the owners can maximize profit. Modern urban life!!

  8. Mark

    That’s cool, as long as all you own is 4 books and 3 houseplants.

  9. Gert

    Great if you never have to pee. Ever.

  10. Eirin

    Works well for people who really like cooking, but don’t really want to eat their food afterwards….

    I’ve seen a lot better of those.

  11. Meh

    If you look at the blueprint-it shows a toilet next to the entrance…in a tiny closet. So it wouldn’t be good for americans since half us us cant fit in the front door and there isn’t any clear storage area for clothing, but its quite nice for the french! Id love it except for the fact that id have to step on my counter to get to my bed which is strange and id probably walk into my sink one drunken night or roll off the bed and die…lol. I could make a closet with a few supplies from home depot! Ill make this apt! Im sure i have an extra shoebox somewhere to use…

  12. steve wos

    the toilet is there but what about the LIVING room?

  13. Meh

    Well steve, you can “live” in any room. Structered and divided room are so passe! Cramped effeciencies are where its at! Bring your iphone, starbucks and beard cus this is about to become so uncool that its cool. Unstream the mainstreamman.

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