Room Covered with Drawings

Room Covered with Drawings

Japanese artist Yosuke Goda covered entire room with creative drawings.

White floor and walls were transformed into a giant canvas. After many hours of hard work, the room was decorated with unique artworks.

Black Marker Drawing

Room Drawing

Japanese Artist

Art by Yosuke Goda

Japanese Drawing

Black Marker Drawings

Drawings by Yosuke Goda

Yosuke Goda

Japanese Art

Drawing by Yosuke Goda

Black Marker Drawing by Yosuke Goda

Marker Drawing by Yosuke Goda

Art Room

Wall Drawings by Yosuke Goda

Marker Drawing

Wall Drawing by Yosuke Goda

Art Room by Yosuke Goda

Room Drawing by Yosuke Goda

Japanese Artist Yosuke Goda

Wall Art by Yosuke Goda

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  1. Betty

    wow…very hip

  2. James

    Very nice

  3. Gert

    Well, um, ok… Not very functional but then art seldom is.

    It’s a bit busy and hard to follow what look he’s going for though if only because his style doesn’t really give the viewer’s eyes a place to rest between images and concepts and in spite of his apparent skill, he hasn’t learned yet that for art to be accessible to non artists, this is necessary.

    I’d give him an A+ for execution and a C- for concept.

  4. cole

    d-d-d-d-d-d- dope

  5. monkeyitup321

    i dont like this concept, its very confusing. it reminds me of the graffiti room…

  6. amin

    i like it.
    i want it for my room

  7. Matt

    Art needs neither function or concept.

    But if you need a function: it’s a ROOM.

    If you need a concept: that of free form without boundaries.

    God deliver us from self-proclaimed critics and their rules.

  8. sashimi


  9. Amazing

    Gert, get over yourself.

  10. Fran├žois Le Brun


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