Cat Stockings

Cat Stockings

Eye-catching stockings with cat faces on the front and cat tails on the back.

Cat owners will love these adorable “Cat Face Stockings”! [buy now]

Cat Tights

Cat Face Tights

Cat Face Stockings

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  1. reason

    Fun. The tails seem forced.

  2. Gert

    Needs a yellow half moon on the forehead.

  3. Domino

    THESE ARE INCREDIBLE. I need a pair. When will they be in stock and available for purchase?

  4. janice

    Can you notify me when these are back in stock? A must have for the yogini/crazy cat lady!

  5. Karen

    MAN are these adorable. I know the perfect person to give these to!

  6. sara

    I need mine too, tell me when they are available please <3

  7. Mark

    Smokin’ hot too!

  8. Isabel

    When are you re-stocking these? Please let us know when they are available! Thank you :-)

  9. Hemal

    i need a pair for my cosine…
    how can i get ?

  10. Pete

    To everyone asking for ordering information: Toxel just brings interesting things to light. You need to follow the link at the beginning of the article to find the actual product.

    These are cute, and have that “only in Japan” type vibe :)

  11. Amy

    Omg I NEED some of these!! Please let me know if/when they’ll be back in stock!!!

  12. Andrew

    People.. please READ the words that are there with the photos. There’s a website link that you should watch for stock info. :P

  13. Lisa Maldonado

    When will they be back in stock???

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