Camera Inspired iPhone Cases

Camera Inspired iPhone Cases

Beautiful wooden cases designed for iPhone owners who love photography.

Made out of sustainable bamboo and walnut, Camera iPhone Cases use natural strength of wood to protect the phone. Intricate laser engraved designs help create the look and feel of a classic camera.

Wooden iPhone Case

iPhone Case

Wooden Camera iPhone Case

Camera iPhone 4 Case

Camera iPhone Case

Wood iPhone Case

Wood Camera iPhone 4 Case

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  1. Liz

    This is like traditional yet modern sophistication. :) ❤

  2. KraZy


  3. luna lovegood

    this is totally hip!!!!!!

  4. MMM


  5. Lilia Smiles

    Good for iphone owners but for true photography lovers they wouldn’t give this thing a second glance

  6. Nisa Zul


  7. Dominic

    Looks terrible!

  8. Ben

    Super cool !
    Couldn’t say better than Liz !

  9. Christian

    The very first one just bugs me because the lens isn’t lined up perfectly with the cut-out area of the case, lol. yeah, definitely hip.

  10. Libeerian

    …yeah, but where do you load up the film???

  11. Ninja Egg :D

    i don’t really like it…..

  12. Jasmine

    Wow, this iPhone case is really cool! Love the wood design so much!

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