Pop Up Office

Pop Up Office

Cardboard office designed by Liddy Scheffknecht and Armin B. Wagner.

Inspired by pop up books, this mobile workstation comes with a desk and a chair that fold flat for easy storage and transportation.

Mobile Office

Pop Up Desk

Foldable Desk

Foldable Workstation

Foldable Office

Folding Office

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  2. Selina

    Funny… creative… but to heavy to bring around!

    also cant sit on or do anything….

  3. Sarah

    That does not look stable at all

  4. woops

    The homeless need work space also guys..

  5. Pete

    Funny, but it is not practical.

  6. alexlim


  7. BeitaR

    it´s magic!!! but…if it´s raining……

  8. Tony C

    I think that this represents the future of the American workplace.

  9. Raads

    Oh yeah! thats what i call innovative! @ BeitaR, use inside then inni!
    I love it! not practical of course, but it reminds me of the 3 little pigs pop up book my niece has!
    (thats not the only reason i like it – too many to mention. plus i cant be bothered :P)

  10. bert

    really creative :) but definitely still has a lot to work on

  11. Atavistica

    What an excellent piece :)

  12. ayoally

    It’d be more awesome if you could actually USE the ‘popup office’

  13. kadal

    just for show? can’t use it

  14. Ass


  15. Shaun

    what if it rains?

  16. Nicholas Nyamweya

    Nice Creativity, Ship it to Kenya and you will make millions.

    Nice project creativity. Nicholas from Kenya.

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