Modern Backyard Office

Modern Backyard Office

Tetra Shed designed by David Ajasa-Adekunle can be used as home office, storage space, playhouse, art studio, workshop, or an extra bedroom.

Multiple sheds can be linked together to form modular building and be used as larger offices, small classrooms, laboratories, hotels in remote locations, and pop-up shops.

Modular Office Pod

Tetra Shed Office Pod

Modular Pod

Modular Shed

Tetra Shed Prefab Office

Prefab Office

Backyard Office

Modular Office Shed

Office Pod

Portable Office

Tetra Office

Office Shed

Modular Office

Tetra Shed Backyard Office

Tetra Shed

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  1. Enrico Martinez

    That’s nice.
    Do we get (or transport) it like a folded paper, then unfold it to get the Tetra Shed form?

  2. Cyrus

    I would like to get one of those in the U.S. Still waiting.

  3. Lilia Smiles

    Just make sure it’s in the shade or the black on the outside will absorb a lot of heat

  4. reason

    I guess they couldn’t get an updated iMac for they’re photoshop rendering.

  5. James

    I like the lines! I’m half asleep trying to get out of bed with one eye open, but I can’t wait to lo

  6. Gert

    Very interesting… until my city drags it off for being a non standard permanent structure with no cement pad with 6 foot deep rat wall.

  7. Mark

    This is great. I can see it warping in the hot humid midwest heat after it gets all moist overnight but very cool! I would use it for my telescope observatory to watch the stars at night.

  8. minions

    If that’s the backyard, I want to know what the house looks like. That would be beautiful scenery to wake up to.

  9. Max

    The shape is very nice and I like how it interacts with its environments shown in the photos. I don’t know about the inside of the structure though, it seems so much less intruiging for some reason. Most likely it’s because of all the designer items in there which express totally different ideas about shapes and functionality. Who knows.

  10. CRIS

    Wauuu es genial. me encanta!

  11. Waleed

    How would i charge the laptop?

  12. Snufkin

    that´s ugly.



  14. Will

    Seeing only the first picture, I expected more flexibility, something like a pop-up tent, but after a closer look you can see it is only weird but not multifunctional at all.

  15. John

    The problem is usability. We need energy to stay overnight. If they could find a way to implement solar or wind energy, that would be so nice.

  16. Jacko

    Very cool design very sharp. I wonder if they come with solar electrical hook ups I’m sure they are air tight, what about ventilation?

    Either way I would buy one for the right price or can you download the design and build one yourself?

  17. Luxi Terna

    Looks great!

    For the first day. After a month (or a week in florida), the inside will be full of insects, soaked from humidity, and moldy.

    It’s useless without electrical power, and impractical without window screening, even a single light, A/C and a space heater. It’s a bleak, dark grey inside when the sun goes down.

    It’s not portable like a tent, so it will sit in the same place. The bottom will soak through or at least become permanently wet underneath. It looks like plywood, in which case it’s going to warp and rot.

    An ordinary tent will do what this does, much cheaper, lighter, portable, and without the pointlessly bizarre shape.

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