Chain Shoes

Chain Shoes

Innovative shoes designed for people who love the feeling of running and walking barefoot.

PaleoBarefoots are made out of high quality stainless steel chain mesh.

Chain shoes offer complete protection and incredible barefoot feeling.

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Barefoot Footwear

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Barefoot Shoes

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Chain Running Shoes

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Chain Sneakers

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  1. poet

    I’ll wait for the mithril version

  2. Fillibert

    I wore chainlink gloves on my hands when I worked with a saw just like he talked about. They did not feel “barehand”, you can definitely feel the weight and flabbiness as they can never be as tight as the materials they use for barefoot shoes

  3. Max

    So…. all the things I see over here are things you can do on barefoot. If you do it often enough after a while the soles of your feet will harden and you won’t have any problems anymore. Just bite the pain for a while.

    Also in my experience doing any kind of activity with chainlink is anything but comfortable

  4. Pearl Lamie

    And certainly won’t give complete protection as any sharp thing like a tack could penetrate this!

  5. Amy

    don’t barefoot shoes defeat the point of being barefoot?

    what about the feel of grass and sand between your toes and your feet covered in mud (no it’s the best feeling squelching your feet in mud and jumping a top bulging swollen natural springs)

  6. pTc

    Who remembers Kevlar socks? Surely chain shoes are a step into the wrong (medieval) direction.

  7. Masteroche

    Great match for my Shark proof suit!!!! LOL!!!

  8. Karen

    I feel like these would be pretty cool for a while but then I’d just want to go full out barefoot or normal shoes…

  9. Spectator

    Well, this would be a perfect match for chainmail underwear, handkerchief and… ah, yes, some sand paper instead of toilet paper.

  10. Jörg

    Hi all, there are too many amusing speculations and misconceptions around about the PaleoBarefoots. If you want to know rather then guessing you should have a look at the FAQ on our webiste before judging. You definitely need to try them first – there are barely words to describe their benefits for health and mood ;) Jörg from GoST-Barefoots

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