iPhone Guitar

iPhone Guitar

Innovative guitar makes it easy for iPhone owners to learn and play music.

Simply connect your iPhone, open the gTar app, and interactive LED lights will show you how to play and where to place your fingers.

Powered by the iPhone, modern guitar can sound like anything you want: acoustic guitar, distorted bass guitar, or even a synthesizer.

Digital Guitar

iPhone Powered Guitar


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  1. Joe

    Oh ffs put your phone down for ten seconds and just pick up a real guitar.

  2. Khashayar

    too bad iPhone 5 doesn’t fit !

  3. Jury

    A set of exercises? From the simple to the complex there?
    the textbook , tests ?

  4. Gert

    Or you know, buy a guitar and a decent instruction book… both cheaper and compatible with all hand sizes and phones :D

  5. Douglas

    A more expensive Guitar Hero toy. @Joe – yeah.

  6. Alex

    Really enjoyed the image of the group of 4 sitting on top of a hill waiting to be bedazzled by their friends new “futuristic and awesome” “guitar”.

  7. thais

    Oh my God! What else does hipsters need?? I know the line for ridiculousness with apple products are way beyond gone, but come on people, what is happening?!?!?!

  8. R

    I think that this is a great innovation. It’s found a niche between the iRig and the Gibson Robot Guitars. Imagine if this was simplay integrated within an existing model to act as an on-board stomp box or midi effects unit; all the while being updateable.

  9. kadal

    sorry but i think the original acoustic and electric guitar still better.

  10. Chewie

    I think everyone is over-reacting here, it is a product which steps away from using a original guitar but doesn’t mean it was soloy designed to over power the guitar. Like guitar hero, rock band?…. Any ways this design just expands the use of the Iphone, not the guitar. The original guitar will never be out-designed, like the book and more.
    I see it as a product which only ‘rich’ or money wasting people would buy.

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