Olympic Divers on the Toilet

Olympic Divers on the Toilet

Creative photo manipulations inspired by the hilarious faces that Olympic divers make when they jump into water.

Olympic athletes with funny and amusing facial expressions were frozen in time using high speed photography.

Divers on the Toilet


Olympic Diver on the Toilet

Olympic Divers

Olympic Diver



Diver on the Toilet

Olympic Diving

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  1. woops

    C’mon Toxel! We didn’t need to see this

  2. M

    yeah buddy, take a drop Olympic style

  3. reason


  4. DE


  5. Spectator

    Photographer – a man who makes you ugly in one click!

  6. monkeyitup321

    there’s no toilet paper..

  7. megan

    looks fake no?

  8. Gert

    Megan has figured out how photoshop works. lol.

  9. kikki

    simply bad photoshop.

  10. Peter Hess

    Creative photo ?
    Primitive !

  11. Liberian

    I’d give it a deuce-point-deuce.

  12. Me

    It’s funny, but pretty bad photoshop work, and what’s it doing here?

  13. sara

    I enjoy my fair share of toilet humor, but this is just plain stupid. (and of course terrible photoshop work).

  14. Tima

    I think their faces are Hilarious with or without the toilets !!

  15. frankli

    It’s funny

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