Blood Stockings

Blood Stockings

Creative blood bags designed by Kiseung Lee encourage people to donate blood during the Christmas holiday season.

Play the role of Santa Claus and fill stocking shaped blood packs!

Christmas Blood Bags

Blood Bags

Santa Claus Blood Pack

Stocking Blood Bag

Santa Claus Blood Bags

Stocking Blood Bags

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  1. Richard

    Cute, they’d lighten up a hospital

  2. pTc

    They have the wrong type of giving set for blood products. shame on them ;p

  3. hamid

    I got hungry aawwawawa

  4. Edward Cullen

    This is going on my wish list! Yum :)

  5. douglas

    I’m all for giving blood, but this is ????

  6. reason

    It’s too bad that we need any motivation to give blood.

  7. Aerwhyn

    Jack Skellington is taking over Xmas again.

  8. Sharyn

    That’s a great idea! It gives a festive touch to the experience without the dodginess of having Santa or one of his elves drawing blood – which would be a little high on the creepy scale IMO.

  9. MMM


  10. Jonathan

    If that were the real color of the blood, both the giver and the receiver would have some REAL issues!

  11. flatsolid

    Gee! Count Dracula squeezed into a child’s boot.

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