Underwater Bar

Underwater Bar

Large swimming pool in New York was transformed into an underwater bar.

Underwater nightclub was created by Thinkmodo for creative advertising campaign that promotes TechnoMarine waterproof watches.

Innovative scuba diving helmets that allow people to walk and breathe underwater were provided by Sea Trek.

TechnoMarine Underwater Nightclub

Underwater Nightclub

Underwater Night Club in New York

Underwater Night Club

Underwater Club

TechnoMarine Underwater Bar

Underwater Nightclub NYC

Underwater Darts

Underwater Nightclub in New York

Underwater Bar in New York

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  1. Lady Bee

    Wow. Very cool. But I do have one question, what are those cups in their hands? It says theyre in an underwater bar so I assume it’s a drink, but then again I dont see any way they can possibly drink their alcohol/whatever without it getting diluted in the pool and them taking in a gulp of chlorine…

  2. John

    This is pretty funny and amazing although I would be worried if you started coughing and with the amount of space in your helmet…. would end up with sickness or panic!!

  3. Ariel

    it’s really cool.. but i think it will be cooler when they set the bar with underwater style. i mean, they need diving sometime. too many sitting and standing underwater just like an awkward things.

  4. chillaroo

    Do they voice chat?

  5. The Hooded Claw

    All of the drinks are watered down…

  6. who knows

    anyone else notice it was all white people?

  7. Craig

    the drinks clearly have straws in them with one way valves at the end allowing you to drink without the water entering the drink

  8. spanki franki

    The concept of actually doing this for the public would be amazing!!
    This just purely amazes me!

  9. kahlie

    What if you farted. Everyone would know…

  10. John

    Thinking about this idea, its rather stupid and a waste of time, yeah it looks great but its designed for higher class people and to consider the risk levels and COSH :/ its a fun idea for an event but its not practical for mass use.

  11. Dominic


  12. PaulB

    We’re so close to being ready to be living under water. Maybe one day we’ll find Atlantis

  13. Enrico Martinez


    If the liquid inside those canisters are really being drank through the straws (even with one-way valves as Craig mentions it), then the pressure inside the canisters are lesser than outside it.

    A) The drinkers would have had a hard time sucking the contents due to unequal pressure.
    B) To equalize the pressure; pool water should enter the canister through another hole, thus watering/diluting the drink.
    C) If people can really drink the contents without diluting it, the canister should crumple into itself since internal pressure is lesser than outside pressure.

    To clarify my explanation above; try drinking all the water from a plastic bottle without having your lips leaving the mouth of the bottle once you start drinking it, so the air won’t enter the bottle.

    You would notice that the bottle would start to crumple a little and you would also have a harder time drinking the contents. And you would never be able to drink all of the liquid inside the bottle.

  14. Elphi

    Couldn’t they just have a straw that goes from the drink through the helmet to a place where a person’s mouth can reach it? I mean, then air from inside the helmet can equalize the pressure in the cup.
    But then again, it would be weird craning your neck for a straw if the helmet decides to move with you.
    Aside from the drinking problem, it must be awkwardly quiet in your helmet if there isn’t a voice chat system.
    I do like the idea of underwater darts though.

  15. Michael

    Cool idea, but I think this needs some more time. I feel like it’d be fun for maybe a half hour and then you’d start pruning, have to pee, and want to drink something.

    I’ll stick with a nautical themed bar on ground for now!

  16. RIver

    GUYS, it’s just an ad for watches! I think. It’s all props. It’s not a REAL thing. :)

  17. shanna

    But how do they even drink it?

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