Shoe Pants

Shoe Pants

Comfortable jeans with integrated Converse shoes designed by New York based artist Sebastian Errazuriz.

Innovative pants with attached sneakers will allow you to dress quickly and more efficiently. They will simplify your daily routine.

Talented fashion designer also created unique Teddy Bear Jacket and brilliant Zipper Dress that we showcased back in 2009.

Shoe Pants by Sebastian Errazuriz

Converse Pants

Converse Shoe Pants

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  1. Lilia Smiles

    Washing it would be . . . interesting

  2. woops

    This isn’t very innovative. There isn’t much of a point of buying these pant/shoes, seeing that the difference in “efficiency” is 30 seconds. Also, “They will simplify your daily routine.” Might be true when you begin dressing for the day, but it won’t make up for the number of times you’ll have to pull your pants back up due the shoes pulling your pants down every time you walk.

  3. Lady Bee

    This just looks highly stupid and the pants look so baggy and unfashionable. It’s not practical for everyday use and i would never walk out of my house with these on. What’s the purpose of these pants? If you want to save time lay out what you want to wear tomorrow before you go to bed. Ugh, just another useless “invention.”

  4. Lili


  5. J.C

    What happens if you’ve got a fat guy with small feet or skinny guy with big feet ..etc.. You would have a hard time looking for your size.

  6. looloo

    a hobbits’ worst nightmare

  7. Betty

    Very cool. As a something different, a statement about taking two iconic wardrobe pieces–jeans and Cons to the next level, it’s wonderful.
    Of course it’s not practical, who cares! It’s fun and different. If I were rich,I’d totally buy a pair or two–for an evening beach party–no sand in my shoes, no bug bites around the ankles.

  8. Gert

    Interesting but not at all practical. Imagine the number of sizes this would have to come in and washing them would be a nightmare though I do have to agree, no ankle bites on bonfire night might be nice.

  9. tim

    You people need to relax and stop analyzing this.
    Nobody makes you buy these pants.

  10. Douglas

    Wow. What’s next, integrated hoodie, jeans and sneakers? Include a Depends and you have the ultimate time saving, yet stylish attire.

  11. gigi

    next we should integrate a shirt and a skirt

  12. Libeerian

    Dumbest thing I ever seen. And I seen a lot.

  13. laala

    what are u gonna do if you have to take off your shoes in some activity. are u gonna take off your pants also? interesting yet dumb.

  14. Rattanak

    That’s attractive

  15. Girish jasoria

    Its really good idea.

  16. Phil

    Doesn’t a onesie beat this in ease of dressing? They’re like shoes, pants and a top all in one. You can also sleep in them so think of the time you’d save then. You wouldn’t even need to change your clothes. Think of the time saving. I think I’ve just talked myself into buying one, than again maybe not.

  17. Maseki


  18. Salva

    Oh! Nice ones
    … here in Sweden you leave your shoes in the hall … hihihi

  19. We miss you Billy

    “HEY! BILLY MAYS HERE! Tired of have to put on pants AND shoes!? Well now you don’t have to! From the amazing creator of Oxi-Clean! Freaking Shoe-Pants! Silly you say?! Well to that I say, ‘I’m Billy Mays!’ Hell yeah! SOLD!”

  20. Brandom

    I seriously cannot stand some of the people who comment on this website like “ing why would someone make this, its not practical… Blah blah blah” shut the F**k up already. It’s art, let people make what they want. Unless you’re over here making things that also end up on the site your argument is f**king invalid.

  21. engin

    how it is entered in the toilet

  22. Siana

    those are some Gumby looking pants

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