Human Meat Packages from PETA

Human Meat Packages from PETA

PETA’s Meat Is Murder campaign in New York City featured volunteers lying nearly naked in giant plastic wrapped meat trays, covered with fake blood.

Activists wanted to demonstrate that all animals are made of flesh, blood, and bones; that animals have the same senses and range of emotions as humans do; and that when you eat meat, you are eating a corpse.

Human Meat Packages

PETA Human Meat

Packaged Human Meat

Large price stickers reminded people that “Billions of animals are abused and violently killed because you eat meat. Get Help visit”

Human Meat

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  1. michalexpromo

    This is really CRAZY but I have to say… if it wouldn’t be PETA I’d say it’s great art.

  2. Ed

    Wait, by process of evolution, humans (along with many other animals) are omnivores. That means we’re designed to get sustenance and nutrition from plants and animals (and not from pills or supplements).

    Wouldn’t *not* eating meat be the unnatural thing to do?

    It’s one thing to protest animal cruelty, but to propose the solution as being vegetarian…?

  3. James

    You know, peta kills animals.

    look it up on google, they’ve killed THOUSANDS of animals.

    I unfortunately am not making this up :(

  4. Kyle

    Meat is murder. Sexy delicious murder.

  5. Ian H.

    The silly thing is, I agree with 2/3 of what PETA is saying: I know animals are made of flesh, blood & bone, and I know that I’m eating a corpse when I consume meat (just like you would if you ate vegetables). It’s the middle point I have a problem with, and that’s the one their whole “don’t eat meat” argument hinges on.

    As someone else has pointed out already, we humans not only have specialized teeth designed for tearing flesh, but we also have particular digestive enzymes designed for breaking down animal proteins. It is natural and good for us to eat meat.

    Not only that, but should everyone on the planet switch to an entirely vegetarian lifestyle (but which level of vegetarianism?), millions of animals which could have survived in fields with grazing animals will be mutilated and killed by harvesting machinery required in fields of grains and other vegetarian staples.

  6. Bill

    This is pure art. Genius.

  7. Alex T

    @James of course they’ve killed thousands of animals, don’t you know what PETA stands for? People Eating Tasty Animals!

  8. Sara

    What. The. Crap.

  9. Curt

    PETA: Exploit women, not animals.

  10. jbkilluh

    this is making me hungry for a steak…

  11. forumlogic

    @ Ian H – Seriously??

    Do you really imagine that fields of defenseless animals will be mown down by the harvesting machinery?

    If we stop eating so much meat fewer animals will be bred (produced and genetically engineered) and slaughtered for our tables. There is also plenty of evidence that the vegetarian diet can be superior to the carnivorous diet, protecting against many of the major diseases (some cancers, heart disease, stroke etc). The vegetarian diet is better for the planet in terms of keeping hormones out of the food chain, reducing water pollution and CO2.

    For all this, we just have to stop killing for the sake of our taste buds and instead eat with the welfare of our planet, the animals and ourselves in mind.

  12. chazzzz

    I don’t eat animals, and never will but don’t think this packaging is the best way to show this message. I like it, but for me its too comic for the message.

  13. kalakawa

    I think Disney got it right, when it tried to explain the circle of life.

    Clever marketing though.

    PS: Plants have feelings too :D

  14. gunneos

    talk about going out of point. it’s animal cruelty they should be after, not getting people to completely swear off a good portion of our natural habits. which is why everyone is treating PETA as a joke.

  15. Jay

    I think this is a very interesting way of getting the message across but if you don’t have a sense of humor then you probably think its foolish. I am a vegetarian and I do it for health benefits plus the fact that decreasing pollution is a nice bonus. I believe that since we are currently the dominate species on this planet we have an obligation to clean up after ourselves and take care of each other and the other animals we share the planet with. We have the ability to choose meat or vegetation to survive currently with the problems we are facing a diet that is predominately vegetation makes more sense then one that consists mainly of meat. I think of my lifestyle as a way to preserve our planet and our species.

  16. gramma guy

    meet consumption (or the production of those meats rather) causes more greenhouse gases then personal transportation worldwide

  17. Dave

    PETA is not protesting meat. They are protesting the cruelty to animals that happens for the meat to get to your supermarket. Good lord!

  18. Y. tsye

    I think Bill is right. I’s just pure art. Don’t think too much about it

  19. Nat


    Peta cannot claim for animal liberation while it continuous to sell, objectify and portray violence against women. Violence against women and animal exploitation are both products of Patriarchy. When will enviromentist, activists, vegans, etc. remember how the two are closely and unseparabily related?!

  20. Kirvi_Inci

    Oh PETA, when will you ever learn?

    On one side it is eye catching and clever, but on the other side, I am not going to stop eating meant simply because you dislike it. Also, I find this just a bit too comical to take seriously, especially when I have Halloween decor that looks almost exactly like this….

  21. Ben

    so no cruelty for killing plants and eating them?

  22. Jaqi Mugo

    Check on Facebook, there’s a group called “Animals have the right to be dinner”. LOL!

  23. Tuls

    This just makes me hungry…

    Oh and something that these wack jobs don’t seem to understand. You are supposed to feel bad about killing animals to eat. It’s because you are supposed to care that it takes one life to sustain your own! Idiots!

    If we weren’t supposed to eat them, then why do they taste so good.

  24. Binc

    vegetarians eat up the food of my food :D

    sorry, I accept what they want to tell us with this message BUT let’s ask them what kind of shoes they wear or purse etc. – I guess at least one of them wears something that’s made out of animal skin…

  25. JamJam


  26. dalla

    @Binc: Don’t assume.
    And @Ed, yes, I agree that it is natural for humans to eat meat, but i also think that we eat way more meat than necessary and I don’t think it’s right to raise animals just to kill them and put a price on their lives.

    Anyways, I think they did an awesome job with this and it’s super cool. :)

  27. Daniel

    I can’t wait for the new season of Dexter!!!

  28. Jrob

    PETA’s message looks ridiculous yet again.

  29. Kei

    Binc brought up a good point. Most people forget leather is made from hide, so lets see if every serious PETA member abstains from ANY products made from animals. Practice what you preach, people~

    As for the whole meat issue, I’ll respect your opinions, as long as you support mine. And due to allergies running in my family, meat is a staple, as I have a sibling allergic to three of the main seven allergies, which makes it near impossible for her to be a vegetarian only.
    tl;dr Leave my meat alone, and I’ll leave you alone.

  30. Mimi

    While I dislike animal creulty, I do not think that meat is murder, it is natural and things are the way they are for a reason. The human population does need its protien supply, and I don’t think that it can be supplied without meat.

    I have severe food alergies that bans me from dairy, soy, peanuts, and fish. Four of the main food allergies. Without meat I would be at an unheathy low weight. So I will eat my meat and potatos while ignoring P.E.T.A.


  31. Alberto

    could eat flesh too….
    STOP PETA! eat meat!

  32. Karan

    All the Nonvegetarians surely have reacted strongly !! I guess somewhere in their heart they know they are breeding and killing an animal for their own selfish reasons.

    We DONT have specialized teeth for tearing meat..nor do we have strong acids tht carnivore animals have in their digestive tract !!

    Yes we might have been eating meat since thousands of years…but the difference was that the situation was FAIR. Like we didnt have guns to kill them…we didnt have cars tht ran faster then them !! So having meat at that time was a fair game for both the parties…the animals had fair chance of evading being eaten…here its so easy to breed n kill and eat them….because we have been dominant and so there lies our social-ecological liablity to help give them a fair chance to live n die fighting rather than become a product that is produced to be killed.

  33. Eppe


  34. junnie

    If you’re not going to eat your fish, the bears will.

  35. Nick

    Pesticides pollute as well… Just sayin’

    Murder is also murder

  36. Daniel

    wow the last one is a fine piece of meat, all right!

  37. Kirvi_Inci

    Karan clearly doesn’t know a thing about basic Human Biology……

  38. VinceVega

    But bacon tastes good….pork chops taste good.

    look people, we are omnivores. deal. or as A. whitney Brown said “I’m a vegetarian, but not because I’m against eating meat…I just hate plants.”

  39. David Nicklas

    this makes me hungry

  40. hungry, hungry hippo-eater

    Is PETA aware that if the world, went on a complete vegetarian diet, it would kill more animals than as it is right now? Yeah, less animals would be produced and genetically engineered and what not, but think about it: suddenly, there are over 6.7 billion mouths (and counting) who need to eat now! There would be a the destruction of so many ecosystems and environments, not to mention all those animals we’ed have to kill (or accidently killed) to get off. Yeah, you can play the “we don’t have to kill them, we can move the animals somewhere else” but think about it, animals are like internal organs…unless they’re under near perfect conditions, they’re going to die in a different environment.

    And the vegetarian diet being better? You kidding me! Remember the E. Coli outbreaks in the spinach some time ago? And the E. Coli outbreak in the lettuce even further back? Now imagine that times a billion, as an outbreak like that could infect millions on a global scale! Also, shipping veggie products all over the vegetarian world would increase pollution like no other!

  41. latincrow

    ummm…corpse…..:K, omnivore here, i can practically eat anything, i’ll eat paper if you season it well, still i LOVE meat, also some people eat people, and taking on account that we eat herbivores if i were a vegan i’ll stay the hell away from Papua

  42. Julie

    “the vegetarian diet can be superior to the carnivorous diet” … SO LONG AS YOU TAKE YOUR SUPPLEMENTS!! :P

    Meat is yummy.

  43. Blayse

    That is some really attractive meat they put in there. Maybe they should have used ugly people.

  44. xD

    TBF its peoples choice if they want to eat meat or not, but i do get that they want the animals to be treated right and live in better conditions

  45. hungry, hungry hippo-eater

    @ Karan:

    It’s not fair because we have guns? You’re kidding right?…

    Have you compared humans to other animals? We suck! Our sight is poor (or not as good as others, plus we’re practically blind at night), our smelling is also poor, our hearing is poor, we have soft flesh, we don’t have any claws or sharp nails, we have rather dull teeth, we’re slow, we’re heavy, we’re weak! It’s not fair for us! If the animal kingdom was a highschool drama tv-show, humans would be the weak nerds everyone picked on.

    Not our fault the only good thing we had was a more advanced brain that we used in our advantage so we could get a leg up on the rest of the animals!

  46. panubo

    why dont we just eat less meat, not eating meat is not very healthy, eating too much meat isn’t healthy either.
    i am not a vegetarian, but i don’t eat meat every day.
    it is healthy and better for the environment.
    choose the midway!


  47. Raul

    Animals don’t use shoes…

  48. Claire

    I’m surprised by the number of people who completely missed the point. PETA is against animal cruelty and at the moment, due to the current methods of food production, there is virtually no way to eat meat without directly supporting animal suffering. Unless you’ve sourced your food from a traditional organic farmer whose cows graze pastures and are killed on site without transport to a slaughterhouse, you are supporting animal mistreatment. Keep in mind this is AT THE MOMENT. If many many people became vegetarian and stated to the large food suppliers that they’re not going to eat meat unless it’s farmed humanely, of course the animal cruelty would diminish.

    Personally I’m a vegan because I have no way to source humanely produced animal products. I realise that animal meat has been a small part of the human diet throughout evolution but it is definitely not necessary to eat meat every day like some people believe. Throughout evolution hunter/gatherers would have only caught live prey every now and then while the rest of the diet was from vegetation. We most definitely do not have specialised teeth for tearing meat, as someone suggested. We have molars for chewing vegetation and incisors for cutting vegetation. The tiny remnants of canines that we have are from our distant ancestors who did mostly have a carnivorous diet. The amount of meat that people currently eat is responsible for many different cancers, particularly colorectal cancer, indicating that our bodies are not used to ingesting heterocyclic amines (in cooked meat). There are plenty of plant foods with all the amino acids required for a healthy body; lentils for one, while quinoa contains all of the essential amino acids.

    When will people stop being so self-centred and realise that the majority of the world, billions of people, live on a vegetarian diet and the Western diet is the abnormal one? The WHO currently recommends 200g of red meat a week as the ideal amount for health which coincides with the FACT that we are not meant to be carnivores.

  49. Kin

    Sorry to say that, but no deforestation would be necessary if people chooses vegetarianism. In a matter of fact, there will be more room for re-forestation tham deforestation. Cow meals are most soya-based products, the most devastating field actually (98% of the soya production goes to elevage feeding).

    easy math :
    there are about 6 billion humans in the world. 2 billion cows and something like 3 billion pigs (impossible to check for chickens, fish’s or others, obviously). An average cow can weight from 500kg to 700kg and more. Pigs can weigh between 50 and 350 kg. Take the average human weigh and make the maths. Do you really still believe that would be necessary to produce more, if we converted the areas used to feed elevages in fields for agriculture ?

    I’m not sure about PETA propaganda, but you gota improve your arguments.

  50. CJ

    If meat is murder, than should lions go to jail?

  51. Claire

    CJ’s response is typically ignorant and stupid and doesn’t even use correct grammar. Lions need to eat meat because it’s the only food source they have. Human beings have plenty of other options when it comes to non-animal foods and products. Humans have a desire to eat animal foods because it tastes good to them, they don’t need them

    Kin is correct in pointing out that if we stopped feeding animals to fatten them up for meat there would be much more plant material available to feed humans. Something like only 10% of the energy put into feeding cows comes out the other end as energy in meat. It is the least inefficient way of producing kilojoules for consumption.

  52. Kin

    15 000 litres of water to produce one kilo meat from an animal.
    150 litres of water is needed to produce one kilo of grains.

    for those who say “human’s are naturally meat eaters”…ok, do you know why we cook it ? because we can barely digest it raw…and about our GREAT “CANINE” teeth? try to chew a raw steak…does it work ?

    anyway, this is about PEta advertising.

  53. Leo

    The math and the science may point to vegetarianism being the better way. But, simply put, some people choose to ignore the reasoning and the logic behind it. It’s ironic how similar it is to religion.
    But yes. I’m not for all vegetarianism either, meat DOES have some value in our lives. But, the ideal way to ‘harvest’ meat simply isn’t possible. We’d have to revert back to Native Americanism to be dietarily balanced.
    And because that won’t happen… They’re fighting a losing battle with this stuff.
    They’re never going to get anywhere.
    To be honest, animals are animals. They are BRED to be eaten. If it’s inefficient, so be it. If we still have enough to survive, then it doesn’t matter.
    (to be brutally honest, I like animals more than I like most people. But c’mon, cows are MADE to be eaten.)

  54. hungry, hungry hippo-eater

    We MOST DEFINITELY have specialized teeth meant for tearing meat. Yes, our molars are meant to grind veggies, but our canines are MEANT to tear meat, NOT to tear vegetables. Think about it, if it weren’t true, than carnivores like lions, wolves, and bears wouldn’t have canine-like teeth and herbivores like cows, sheep, and horses would.
    Meat causing cancer? Well, yeah, eating too much of anything is really bad. But compare the amount of people who eat meat to the amount of people who have colorectal cancer from eating meat.
    Majority of the world having a veggie diet? You’re kidding right? That’s just a flat-out lie.
    No duh we’re not meant to be carnivores! We have teeth for eating both meat and veg.
    Well, I’m sorry to say that there WOULD be massive deforestation on a global scale if the world turned vegetarian. Just think about this, all land is not equal. Just because there’s open land, doesn’t mean it can grow crops. Oh! And a lot of crops can’t grow just anywhere. To literally feed the entire world, we would need to find a place that is has plenty of sun and rich soil…places like rainforests and other lush forest areas.
    And the whole animals eating more veg argument doesn’t work. Do you honestly think animals eat the same fresh vegetables and grains you buy at the supermarket? NO! They eat rough grains and veggies that aren’t meant to be eaten by humans. In fact that food is meant to fatten them up, not to nourish them, so humans wouldn’t really be able to eat that. Also, all the land that produced that animal food (meant to fatten said animals)probably wouldn’t be able to crank out the delicate veggies you’re used to.
    Humans obviously don’t eat meat raw, but that doesn’t mean that we weren’t meant to eat it. Unless you literally pluck veggies out of the ground and take a big bite out of them. You probably eat processed (and probably genetically engineered, too) grown produce. And no, organic is not the same thing, because those are still cleaned and also processed.

  55. Starr

    I really think PETA is going too far. It says “get help” as if eating meat is a disease.
    I raised my own animals, ate my own animals, I drank fresh milk from both cows and goats. I planted my own garden. (using fish, rabbit manure and other bio materials in my compost heap – along with the worms to make good soil & plant food) Have eaten my veggies raw and steamed.
    I also like fishing, preferably spear or netting. I’ve also gone clam diving and crabbing. I often made stew when camping out. It was made with whatever I found or caught. Quail, rabbit, deer and/or wild onion, wild yams, tubers and such.
    My kills have been one strike, I was taught by my Uncle – a shaman.

    In the modern world I agree that we’ve become excessive in everything we do. I see the high cost of meat in the market, the marked down packages and know that much of it will be disposed of when it’s unsellable. Society has become a culture of shopping malls, super center markets and easy to buy meals.

    I grew up understanding that to live honestly, is to life with the world and it’s other creatures. (I draw the line at a number of bugs…outside, okay – inside, your squished.)
    We used to live as communities, small and sustainable. Sharing our abundance and within our needs. But now, enough is never enough. It’s always more – and it’s now buy instead of self sustain.

    I worry about the future – for the world can not provide for so many, when the many demand so much more than their share. Many are starving and go without, because others waste rather than share their excess. It is not a bright future ahead if things do not change soon.

  56. CFDan

    i’d eat the one in the middle. looks tasty

  57. cannable

    I would never be a vegetarian let alone a vegan. To me, meat is greasy and delicious. Most vegetables TO ME, taste like scat. Carrots (raw) and onions (either way) are good. But not great and I have to much to do to remember a million supplemental pills every day. I like pork n cow n chicken and many other meats. Goat’s gross and so is fish. Crustaceans are delightful. My lifestyle will not change because ANYONE disagrees with it. And if you can’t accept that, I’ll eat you too precious. :-D

  58. Raads

    omy gosh, i just typed peta in google images, and they are using women!! thats a disgrace, if ure gonna use women, atleast use them in a more respectable way, not tell them to go get naked and hold a sign!! i dont believe this, this is just as bad as whatever they do to the animals….its not right!

  59. James

    I find this really funny……they wrap themselves in plastic…..which is made from oil…..which is made of dead animals including extinct dinosaurs….. how many other items do they own or use daily without thinking of that is plastic?

  60. matt

    Oh Yeah being a vegetarian is much better ha, you do know plants and the plants that veggies grow off of they are alive they may not be walking around they may not have eyes but they are still a living organism, no diff. than killing a cow for meat also think about it if we didnt kill animals for human consumption we would be over populated with animals billions of rabbits billions of cows etc etc so then we would have to kill for space to move about because i sure as hell dont want to wake up look outside and have 60 rabbits humping in my front yard. it is population control its them or us its survival animals kill people too might not be as many but they do.

  61. K

    I’ve noticed alot of people saying something like “If we weren’t meant to eat them, why do they taste so darn good?” Have you ever tried unseasoned meat? It tastes like nothing. I’m not a vegetarian or anything but other things with seasonings usually on meat taste pretty damn good too.

  62. ChEeSe

    wait back up… were those real humans???????????????????

  63. Rodiansinger

    You know, meat is the cheapest, most efficient way to get protein. A vegetarian diet requires more money and time than the average working North American has. Is PETA trying to tell us that we’re not good enough just because most of us live off of minimum wage?

  64. Mr. Meat

    Absolutely noble idea.

  65. angel


  66. vegetarianhobo

    @Rodiansinger and everyone else

    I live on unemployment checks, and I’m a healthy vegetarian. I do not take any of those “millions of supplements” some of you claim we have to take, because I eat a nice and tasty variety of foods. It is not any more time consuming to prepare a vegetarian meal, than to that of preparing a meat-based/non-vegetarian meal. Who might have told you something so stupid.


    Are you really serious when you say there is “no diff” between killing an animal and killing a plant? Are you not able to see any difference between the two? You clearly haven’t understood any part of this.


    …………. Study previous sentence.

  67. Alia

    meat is delicious.

  68. Eva

    Ok so your all against the whole cruelty thing which I get and I’m very against but where I grew up we had to hunt for deer and stuff cause the population was out of control and they were killing humans by running out in front of cars cause there were so many so be all “anti-meat” but it serves its purpose. some people abuse it but you guys doing stupid things like this are abusing your part too.

    And i don’t “kill” the planet by eating meat. I recycle too and i can be “green” right along with you guys but that doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy a fat juicy steak when I feel the need either.

    Karan you are highly miss informed and you made your self look like a total moron by that statement of “we DON’T have specialized teeth for tearing meat” What do you think canines are for? and all those sharp teeth in your little head aren’t for crunching away on your celery sticks. they are made to rip meat and guess what no matter how many supplements you take you aren’t getting the balanced diet you were designed to have. Eat a nice burger and read a few medical facts before you make your self look stupid again.

    I may enjoy meat but at least I kill it first. your eating that apple alive…. o_o poor apple

  69. ravi

    Hi All,
    Here is a good debate going on whether to eat animals or not. Most of the arguments here are based on human anatomy (whether it is made to eat meat or not), human food requirement (whether human will be able to survive without meat or not), environment pollution and economy. These all things revolve around “what is good for humans”.
    Should we do anything “good for us”, even at the cost of life of someone?
    My friends the very fact which we are missing here is humanity!!!
    Are we superior to animals because we are powerful than them? Then there will be no difference between a beast and human; both killing animals less powerful then themselves.
    I believe we are superior because of love & compassion which always flows in our hearts.
    Just ask your heart-
    Am I ready to eat fellow humans if no other option is left for survival?
    If there were vampires eating human, will I agree with their justification on that their body is designed to eat and digest humans?
    I believe your heart will answer these questions “no”?
    This is because we are humans. Our heart weep for others, we took pain to make others happy, a word from our loved ones is enough to forget our all pains…
    Is not there something special with us!!!
    Even it is there in the heart of a butcher, he also feel “something is wrong” while slaughtering animals. This is the voice of his heart.
    Now the question is that if the love and compassion are inner voice of human being, why there is so much violence in the world?
    The answer of this is our perceived sense of weakness. We do all the wrong in the world, because we feel we will not be able to survive without doing wrong things. We earn money from wrong ways, because we fear we will not be able to make good living with only right ways, we cheat on our partner, because we don’t have confidence in our capability of controlling our desires, we do all kind of frauds to make our work easier because we feel we are not capable of going through hardships.
    This fear or sense of weakness is the actual culprit. Just threw it away and follow your heart without any fear like a child. As far as our food needs are concerned Almighty has given us enough intelligence to get food for all without any violence. I will like to close it by a saying of Mahatma Gandhi “earth have enough for need for all, but not enough for the greed of a single person”

  70. Rominator

    Yum, meat!! XDD

  71. Dean

    XD They honestly think that guilt-tripping people into giving up meat by using humans as an example is gonna work? XD I’d eat humans too if it wasn’t illegal!

  72. Michael

    is this real!!!! damn

  73. Anton

    Yeah I’ll take 200grams of the white guy, thanks.

  74. killer

    i think they are a very jelouse. if you no eat meat than you eat plant and also have to kill also, anyway tell me that what colour blood makes you more comfortebale let me know drama ltd,

  75. Necrophagia

    i’d eat human flesh if need be, as long as the meat is dead why should we not partake in the protein that helps our bodies? crazy vegetarians lol animals are animals, so if we’re the same(so PETA said) then protect us as well and live and let die..then eat it!

  76. Samantha

    Okay.. so.. how come Humans eat all other animals, unless Humans? Humans shall be eaten like the others. These people KILL animals and eat them like as if they or their family didn’t have feelings. They really have to stop with that giant note thing and eat Humans. Some animals get hunted YOUNG. Isn’t it horrible to die YOUNG? Even, instead of unfair hunting, human’s weapons are: Hand, nails, Dagger, mace, and fist. And you can hand – hold an arrow. Lets be like the other animals and hunt THEIR way. Hunting humans are just fine. I’ll never hunt an animal.. if you kill something for your very first time, you’re gonna get carried away and kill over 506 animals in your life. EAT ANIMALS, EAT HUMANS. NO EAT ANIMALS, EAT PLANTS. PERIOD.

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