12 Cool and Unusual Shoes

Cool and Unusual Shoes

Unique and creative shoes designed by talented artists from around the world.

Gum Shoes

Kobi Levi designed unique shoes with chewing gum inspired heels.

Gum Shoes

Chained Shoes

Unusual shoes covered with chains designed by Iris van Herpen.

Chained Shoes

Measuring Tape Shoes

Creative high heel shoes designed by Christian Louboutin.

Measuring Tape Shoes

Horn Shoes

Unusual shoes with horns (heels) designed by Aoi Kotsuhiroi.

Horn Shoes

Lipstick Shoes

Creative lipstick inspired shoes designed by Alberto Guardiani.

Lipstick Shoes

Same Height Shoes

Cool shoes designed by Inges Idee make everyone 2 meters tall.

Same Height Shoes

Crucifix Shoes

Unusual shoes with heels designed to look like Jesus on a cross.

Crucifix Shoes

Wooden Shoes

Unique shoes created by French shoe designer Raffaello Scardigli.

Wooden Shoes

Pedal Shoes

Slide Shoes

Playground shoes made by talented footwear designer Kobi Levi.

Slide Shoes

Vacuum Identity Shoes

Beautiful leather shoes designed by Raffaello Scardigli from Italy.

Vacuum Identity Shoes

Nike Stilettos

Creative high heel shoes designed for the fans of Nike sneakers.

Nike Stilettos

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  1. Ging

    certainly not your everyday wear!

  2. Ninja Egg :D

    I hate heels! Still cool. Id never wear them.

  3. Sharyn

    I love the playground heels and the Chained shoes are pretty cool. And all 1.5 meters of me would love to know what it’s like to be 2 meters tall!

  4. tara

    for some reson the platgrownd shoes remind me of Mrs.Frizzle from the Magic Shcool Bus

  5. Aerwhyn

    I’d loose my balance with the pedal shoes.

  6. Manpreet

    The gum shoes are my favorite for some reason

  7. BincleBinc

    Playground, GumShoes & LipstickShoes are the best <3

  8. Surbhi

    Oh love all of them.. All of them something special about each one :)… My favt..impossible to choose one..but that lipstick one was real chick flick :D

  9. Agnes

    I Love the louboutin measuring tape heels! Kitschy, yes but strangely sophisticated at the same time!

  10. Daisy

    love love LOVE. Those lipstick ones are super fierce but I could not imagine walking a mile in ’em :]

  11. Doc

    I think the Crucifix shoes should be banned!That’s very sacreligious!

  12. Meow

    Crucifix shoes are a big NO. I like those pedal shoes though, I’d wear those down the street just to see peoples faces.

  13. Prema

    Chiara is in the list – wearing the lipstick shoes – haha, love to see familiar face! Love all the shoes, most creative – chewing gum shoe but i’ll deffinately get the Chain Shoe. Horn shoe seems too dominatrix.

  14. Gert

    If you shank someone with a crucifixion heal will you go to hell by default?

    I like the measuring tape ones. Talk about perfect for a designer or seamstress for a client meeting.

  15. Enrico Martinez

    Crucifix shoes are a Blasphemy.

    Should be kicked multiple times in the gut by a person wearing Horn Shoes!

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