12 Cool Products for Tea Lovers

12 Cool Products for Tea Lovers

Collection of useful tea accessories and creative inventions designed to make tea preparation easier and more enjoyable.


Stylish one-cup tea infuser that combines the quality of loose leaf tea with the convenience of a tea bag. [buy]


Tea Sub

Creative TeaSub submerges tea leaves to the bottom of your cup, creating the perfect infusion of your favorite brew. [buy]

Tea Sub

Tea Bag Bin

This little container sits happily next to the kettle and swallows up used tea bags while keeping your kitchen clean.

Tea Bag Bin

Stirring Tea Cup

This cool tea glass cup has a ceramic ball at the bottom that goes around and mixes the tea as you lift the cup or swirl it gently. [more]

Stirring Tea Cup

Tea Bag Squeezer

Squeasy tea bag squeezer allows you to get every drop from your teabag without scorching your fingers.

Tea Bag Squeezer

Tea Bag Coffin

With this creative “tea bag coffin”, the drinker can hide the bag under the cup and out of the way. [more]

Teabag Coffin

T-Man Tea Strainer

Just pop him in a cup of boiling hot water, and watch as he stands there brewing your tea.

T-Man Tea Strainer

Sugar Time

Sugar bubbles designed by Erez Bar-Am float in the water for 10 seconds making tea drinker take a much needed rest. The design makes you slow down your actions and enjoy the moment.

Sugar Time

Tea Time

Sharky Tea Infuser

Creative tea infuser by Pablo Matteoda promises to spice up your morning tea preparation. [more]

Sharky Tea Infuser

Tea Bag Lighting

Lighting concept by Wonsik Chae imitates the form of a tea bag. [more]

Tea Bag Lighting

Penguin Tea Timer

Just tie the teabag to his beak and set the timer from 1 to 20 minutes, Penguin automatically lifts tea bag when your tea is ready.

Penguin Tea Timer

Lazy Teapot

Modern teapot for people that do not like the chore of actually picking up a teapot and pouring the hot water into a cup. [more]

Lazy Teapot

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  1. ajayjshah

    Squeasy tea bag squeezer; simple, small and genius. How many time I have burnt my fingers. No more.

    Like all the creative infusers as well: Teastick, Sharky and TeaSub are all clever and fun.

    Great post.

  2. thatisocool

    The Tea Sub is so cute!
    Sharky is so funny…. :D

  3. Donny Kurnia

    Must… have… sharky…

  4. Mask

    sharky = win

  5. Tom

    I think that last one was designed for the elderly and handicapped… I saw it in a book on accessible design. But it ought to work well for work-challenged people, too.

  6. aditia

    yes, yes, yes i agree sharky is cool

  7. Aarti Harish

    Sharky is very cute…and tea bag coffin is also innovative…

  8. Marina Lin

    Love Sharky..

  9. wow

    i like the penguin…..

  10. Minako

    Penguin, por favor!

  11. Karin L.


  12. shimaa

    amazing stuff

  13. rai

    love the penguin tea timer.

  14. Markus

    All great – wonder if they are as functional as cool as their look is….that’s the problem usually with this cool stuff

  15. squareart

    How cute is this stuff!?
    I love sharky, and the sub, and the stirring tea cup!!!

  16. Lainie Petersen

    Cute stuff, but don’t squeeze your tea bag! You can release some bitter and disagreeable compounds doing that.

    I love the Penguin timer, though.

  17. Mohan Arun L

    The Sharky idea is cool! The penguin is also good…

  18. Renae

    My boyfriend has the penguin one, i dont know why you would want to leave your tea bag in for 20minutes tho

  19. simone

    i love sharky one:))

  20. Reilly

    The Sharky is cool, but wouldn’t it sink with a heavy, wet tea bag in it?

  21. omer

    super cool, l want one of this please let us know when you want to produce this

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