Nose Stylus

Nose Stylus

Dominic Wilcox created face mask inspired stylus for touchscreen devices.

Finger-nose stylus was designed for people who use their cell phones in the bathtub. This cool invention will allow them to firmly hold the phone with one hand and navigate with their nose.

This device is also perfect for people who love to do many things at once.

Finger Nose Stylus

Face Stylus

Stylus for your Nose

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  1. Christian


  2. Art of Concept

    weird stuff!

  3. Snufkin

    They invented this already in the medieval, it´s called “jollymask” :P

  4. Diana

    this is ridiculous and useless, i apreciate the ideea but it’s not gonna work

  5. Madison S.


  6. Starkrazy

    Ok…so i agree this is a rather dumb invention but for those of u who commented by saying it should be for armless ppl…how would they hold a phone or y would they even hav a touchscreen in the first place?? Idk…thats just my thought…

  7. BIll

    @ CVS

    There are prostheses to replace missing limbs. Not a cheaply poorly designed invention such as this.

    @ Jason

    If you read his blog about this invention he really does think it is useful. So..

  8. Jim

    Does nobody have a sense of humour?

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