Mobile Desk

Mobile Desk

Beautiful wooden desk provides comfortable working environment for daily commuters, business professionals, students, or anyone with a laptop.

The Slate mobile desk is crafted out of strong bamboo. It is lightweight and extremely durable. Modern workstation features integrated mouse pad, ventilation holes, and useful dock for your iPhone or a small tablet. [buy]

Mobile Workstation

Mobile Notebook Desk

Mobile Notebook Workstation

Slate Mobile AirDesk

Mobile AirDesk

Mobile Air Desk

Mobile Laptop Workstation

Apple Workstation

Nathan Mummert

Mobile Laptop Desk

Mobile AirDesk

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  1. Charlie

    Nice and stylish, but you clearly can’t use your iPad in landscape mode with this.

  2. Dominic

    Excellent idea!

  3. Patrick

    Let’s see. You get up to leave and you have the lap/desk, laptop, mouse, iPad or Ipod and/or Iphone to carry.
    It would be nice if the lap/desk would be more like a clamshell with a 360 degree hinge so you could store 4 or more items inside.

  4. Douglas

    A piece of plywood with holes drilled in it. Wow!!

  5. Tefa

    can you provide me with the size of this board to make one ?

  6. K Devlin

    Guess us left-handers are out of luck.

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