Wire Sketches

Wire Sketches

Eye-catching wire sculptures by David Oliveira look like freehand drawings.

The artist creates three-dimensional “sketches” of animals and people.

Wire Art

Wire Sculpture

Wire Drawings

Wire Sculptures by David Oliveira

Wire Sculpture by David Oliveira

Wire Drawing by David Oliveira

Wire Art by David Oliveira

3D Wire Sketches

Wire Drawings by David Oliveira

Wire Drawing

David Oliveira

Wire Sculptures

Art by David Oliveira

Wire Sketch by David Oliveira

Wire Sketch

Wire Sketches by David Oliveira

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  1. Lilia Smiles

    I like the one with the girl on the chair. I like the combination of something that looks drawn and 2D with an object having form. His signature with wire on the bottom is a nice touch.

  2. Nisa Zul

    nice :) … creative

  3. josh

    i want the very last one of the legs. All his work is so awesome.

  4. Betty

    These are wonderful!!

  5. James

    Very very cool

  6. Douglas

    Seems like wire is a growing art medium. Mindblowing vision and technical ability.

  7. Jorge Cajina


  8. don

    love the work!!!

  9. Ali Choobi

    ATTRACTIVE work…a real 3d sketching…

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