Truth and Lies

Truth and Lies

Series of honest posters by talented graphic designer Justin Barber uncovers the hidden truth behind white lies that people often tell and hear from others.

Clever illustrations show the true meaning of common excuses and lies.

Visual representation of what people say and what they actually mean.

Truth and Lies by Justin Barber

Honest Poster

Truth Posters

Truth and Lies Posters

Truth and Lies Poster

Truth Poster by Justin Barber

Posters by Justin Barber

Poster by Justin Barber

Honest Poster by Justin Barber

Truth Posters by Justin Barber

Truth and Lies Posters by Justin Barber

Honest Posters

Justin Barber

Truth and Lies Poster by Justin Barber

Truth Poster

Honest Posters by Justin Barber

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  1. Amir


  2. Chewie

    Hahaha 100% love these :p Speaks the utter truth and it’s just great to bring it out, hate how things hide the truth but placing this in their face will do it :p

  3. Sepehr

    Oh god, so true :))

  4. Monica

    They are A-mazing! :))

  5. faeze

    really nice

  6. A$ap

    The cake one is really accurate though. :)

  7. kasteroni

    lost it I-get-high-a-lot-“itis”. LOL

  8. Black Lotus

    Lol! So hilarious! The phone one is SO me! Lmao!

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