Church of Living

Church of Living

Old church in the Netherlands was converted into a beautiful modern home.

Catholic church transformed into residential house with futuristic staircase, indoor balcony, pipe organ, modern kitchen, and large bathroom.

The interior was renovated and designed by Zecc architects.

Church Turned Into a House

Church Converted Into a House

Church Converted Into a Home

Church Turned Into a Home

Church Transformed Into a House

Church Transformed Into a Home

Zecc Architecten

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  1. Dumbo

    There are so many former churches in the Netherlands which have been vacant for years, some even decades. It’s such a shame that spaces like these go unused for such a long time. Fair rental-contracts, and the ability to designate it a new function (such residential, office, exhibition space, gallery, etc) are the solution. Initiatives like this transformation by Zecc architects are good but if it’s only something which the financial elite could pay for I fear it’s not a solution to the vacancy problem that plagues the Netherlands.

  2. Don

    To modern in my opinion.. everything is so… white. I’d say its a waste!

  3. Rubinfoto

    Not for dayly live :-(

  4. Jimbo

    Wow, the transformation is increadable. You have to appreciate the use. I prefer a more tradition style, but this is beautiful.

  5. Austin

    I work for a church in the Cincinnati area, and one of my dreams it to get an old Catholic church that looks traditional on the outside, and renovate the inside to be super modern. I think this design is too white, but it’s a great idea.

  6. Dave

    A bit too much ‘faith’ involved in that staircase…but once you’d got rid of the kids on it this house would work nicely!

  7. @

    I really like the staircase!

  8. Sharon

    Maybe if you committed some horrible sin you could atone by living here

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