Coloring Book Skeletons

Coloring Book Skeletons

French illustrator Chris Panda draws realistic skeletons in coloring books.

Creative drawings look like detailed x-rays of famous characters from popular comic books, television shows, and Disney cartoons.


Comic Book Skeletons

Jessica Rabbit

Cartoon X-Ray

Iron Man

Comic Book Skeletons by Chris Panda


Comic Book X-Ray

Sailor Moon

Coloring Book X-Ray Skeletons


French artist Chris Panda

Michigan J. Frog

Coloring Book Art


Coloring Book Skeletons by Chris Panda


Cartoon Skeletons by Chris Panda


Comic Book X-Ray Skeletons

Wally Gator

Coloring Book X-Ray

Fionna and Cake

Cartoon X-Ray Skeletons


Chris Panda


French Illustrator Chris Panda

Donald Duck

Coloring Book


Cartoon Skeletons

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  1. Gert

    Nothing says I got an A in art class and I have no idea what to do with it lie this does. lol

  2. Betty

    Amazing anatomical knowledge AND imagination! Very Cool!

  3. blue

    excuse me, but what are those things on top of Sailor Moon’s skull? Horns??? – confused –

  4. Moon Flower

    I know Sailor Moon’s Japanese name means rabbit but really?

  5. That other one

    Iron Man is missing a coupla ribs to compensate for his arc reactor… but on the whole, that’s an exceptional show of knowledge and talent. And far too much time…

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