Tokyo Compression

Tokyo Compression

Unique photo series by Michael Wolf features exhausted faces of people on crowded subway trains in Tokyo, Japan.

Fascinating portraits of daily subway commuters taken during rush hour.

Michael Wolf

Tokyo Subway Train

Tokyo Metro

Japanese Subway Train

Japanese Subway

Japan Subway

Japan Subway Train

Tokyo Compression by Michael Wolf

Japan Metro

Photographer Michael Wolf

Japanese Commuters

Tokyo Commuters

Japanese Metro

Tokyo Subway

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  1. Pearl Lamie


  2. Mark

    Jeez, that makes me happy to not live in a large city or have to commute by subway. What sort of life is that when you look and feel like that? Gorgeous photography tho!

  3. Dominic

    Tube strikes in London atm!!

  4. shandya

    It must be hot in there.

  5. Sepehr


  6. rayahan

    as a technic of photography is nice but actually makes me exhausted.poor them.

  7. Neda

    In my country, the subway trains are much worse and much crowded than this! This is really nothing to me!

  8. Gian

    Beautiful is not the word I would associate with it. =P
    Even with strikes, London Underground is not so terrible.

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