iPhone Holster

Holster Bag

Eye-catching bag designed by Dayne Jewell looks like a handgun holster.

Oversized handgun holster bag will hold your iPhone, keys, and wallet.

iPhone Holster Bag

Dayne Jewell

Dayne Jewell Holster

Y01 Dayne Jewell

iPhone Holster

Holster Bag

Modern Holster

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  1. Douglas

    WTF !!

  2. Ryyx

    Ok for states with open carry laws for firearms, otherwise I see this causing a lot issues with cops…

  3. Clare

    Cool design, but bad idea. Onlookers will surely think it’s a real gun at first and freak if you open it.

  4. Toski

    Love the concept. I would actually wear it if it didn’t have the gun geometry.

  5. Swiper Fox

    Paranoid gun owners may shoot you immediately if they saw you reaching in your gun-shaped holster.
    Bad Idea.

  6. Don

    Lol, try to travel with that holster on airplanes, Good luck!

  7. criticaleye

    Looks cartoonishly bulky.

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